Learn Why Local Search is Such an Important Factor in Limousine Marketing

Posted on Jun 22nd 2015 under Marketing Tips

Whether you have been providing limousine service in your market for a short time now or have become an established member of the business community, you undoubtedly understand that search engine optimization is crucial to your success. 

Unfortunately, sometimes companies working in the chauffeured transportation industry fail to put much effort into local search. That's a problem that can be easily remedied.  Getting better results through local search may mean the difference between your company flourishing or seeing the business gradually erode as local competitors do a better job with local limo search requests. Read on to discover why local search is such an important factor in limousine marketing and branding.

Did you know that some 82 percent of people searching on the Internet will follow up with the business offline (placing a phone call or making a purchase)? That's one of the encouraging statistics from TMP/comScore that were showcased in a recent article at Duct Tape Marketing.

In fact, nearly 75 percent of people looking for companies on the Internet are making local searches. This makes sense for limousine companies, since so many people require service in their immediate service area. 

You will get search results with keywords involving your service area, with terms for your state, city, county and even nearby landmarks, such as airports and convention centers. Not only are local companies' corporate travel managers in search of nearby limousine service, so are potential affiliates. If you don't include local search terms in your website, blog, social media posts and other marketing materials, you might never hear from an interested affiliate from across the country who is interested in developing a new partnership with your firm.

Your limousine company can see much more success when you realize how people search for businesses in local markets. As many as 61 percent of local searches wind up with the person making a purchase, according to figures from Search Engine Watch. 

Consider that 59 percent of people are taking to Google every month to look for nearby businesses with a good reputation. If they cannot find you easily because you never mention the cities in your service area, they'll likely find a nearby competitor who knows more about the benefits of search engine optimization on the local level.

Don't forget that consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to search for services online. About 37 percent of searches are done via mobile devices and the number will only grow with time. If you don't address the needs of these mobile searchers, you might as well be invisible as far as they are concerned.

It's a trivial matter to identify the keywords that will make it easier for potential customers to locate your business. Include the name of your city along with other ground transportation services terms and you will help people locate you faster. You can use these local keywords to update your web pages, augment your blog posts and make your social media updates much more useful.

 At DriveProfit, every member of our senior marketing team has more than two decades of experience in limousine marketing. We regularly advise our customers on how to use search engine optimization to help them get the word out about their services, with particular emphasis on local search. For more information on improving how local searchers can find and engage with you or to begin a new limousine marketing campaign, please contact DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at info@driveprofit.com.


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