The most important reasons why template web design is a good choice for your limo business

Posted on Mar 15th 2016 under Limo Marketing Tips

A 2011 study by HubSpot found that 76 percent of website visitors believe the most significant quality of a business website is ease of use - they want to find things quickly. If you don't believe them, just remember what Steve Jobs said about design: "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

The study:

When it comes to creating an online presence for your limo business, your website needs to project a professional image. The more professional looking your business appears, the more creditable it looks, so we made a list of 3 reason why template web design is the best choice for your limo business:

  1. Function is much more important than form

In 2011, HubSpot released a survey where they found that 76% of users said that the most important factor in the design of a website was that "The website makes it easy for me to find what I want." Only 10% of users said, "beautiful appearance" was the most important thing to them.

Basically, your limo website is not entirely built for you, it's built for your audience, your customers. The simpler, readable, and usable your website is, the longer they will stay, book and more likely come back later for more booking.

On the web, “function” is much more important than “form” because good functionality leads to content. To a visitor, “form” is a subconscious given. Rarely do consumers make purchasing decisions based on how good-looking your website is. Consumers make decisions based on ease of functionality and quality of content. Therefore, allocating the majority of a budget to a quality content strategy it's a very good idea. The easiest way to do that is to choose a template where functionality and design have already been tested and perfected by professionals, leaving more time to focus on quality content.

  1. Time is money

In today’s world, time is money. By utilizing a website template, you can jumpstart your limo website within days. The quicker turnaround gives you an edge over your competition.

Probably the biggest reason that companies choose to use templates over custom design is the sheer efficiency of using a template. Besides that, companies can see a quick turnaround on their website design instead of waiting for one to be built to exact specifications. Custom design is a much longer process, and sometimes it can seem endless, as your designer works out all the glitches and tweaks the appearance to make it how you like.

Template web design is easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before. Template-based website platforms are driving the web design industry by providing the tools required to create an elegant, responsive, and optimized site.

This is because templates are ready to go, right from the start. Even if they require some tweaking in order to better meet your needs, your site will still be ready to go more quickly than it would be if you were having a custom site built. Having a site built from scratch can take months to be completed. With a template, you can get it up and running within a few days.

  1. Integrated SEO Features

Integrated SEO features are another benefit. Optimizing a site for Google and other search engines is essential for generating traffic. Many of the templates available today have built-in features that allow you to optimize your site and preparing it for the search engines right away. This will also help you save money since you might not have to spend as much on SEO services.

As long as you choose a template from a reputable provider, you can trust that the coding is correct and has already been tested. After all, they wouldn't be up and available for purchase and download if they had major flaws. The only thing left for you to do is set the site up and add content to it.

Templates made for building a website are becoming the leader in the industry. They provide the tools and the design required for building a functional, attractive website for much cheaper than a custom web design.

The DriveProfit Advantage

When using DriveProfit limousine website templates, you are protected from the complexity and technicalities of running a web site so that you can concentrate on managing and growing your business, not becoming a developer.

Our easy-to-use, feature-rich limo websites succeed in helping you grow your business and build your customer base by maximizing your reach and increasing the ability of your customers to seek you out and buy more limousine services.

Visit the rest of our website to learn more about our product and service offerings for you, and industry professionals like you, whether you specialize in corporate, retail, group & meeting and any other limousine specialty or specialties.

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