Make Sure that Your Company's Limousine Marketing Message Is Clear

Posted on Jun 18th 2015 under Marketing Strategy

Savvy limousine company owners know that it's important to present limousine marketing messages that are easy for potential customers to notice and read. With so much information competing for your customers' attention, it's vital to cut through all the noise.

When you have a great deal of information to impart about your ground transportation services, it pays to be concise and take your reader's attention span into consideration. This helps ensure you will make the most of your limo marketing investment. If you offer too much data or present it in a complicated fashion, consumers may never receive your limousine marketing message, noted a recent article at Entrepreneur.

You may be giving potential customers too much data at once, for example. Marketing efforts that employ more than three claims can cause consumers to wonder if they are too good to be true. Rather than provoking skepticism, pick out the three main points you want to drive home and focus on them. You can expect that fewer customers will be confused by your offerings. Otherwise, they may jump to the website of one of your local competitors who is more adept at honing a marketing message.

With that in mind, you might want to focus on your ability to get VIPs to and from the airport on time, every time, no matter how difficult traffic conditions are in the local service area. Or, tout your exemplary safety record, how long you have been in business or your expertise in setting up road shows.

Picking just a few areas to focus on will help you better define your company in the marketplace. You might take care of this by having a brainstorming session, writing down the main attributes of your company and/or services and then picking the best to showcase. Differentiating your limo company from rivals like this will give B2B customers and consumers a better reason to go with you instead of the competition.

Entrepreneur cited the case of Wells Fargo, where the marketing team focused its messaging on three core attributes of the company (ethics, experience and moving forward) and did not give much prominence to other aspects of the business, such as its technology with mobile phone apps and online banking services. The idea here was that consumers had grown tired of reading about technological innovations and regarded marketing materials about them to be trendy. Instead, Wells Fargo simplified its marketing message to gain more mindshare among consumers.

Another case in point: J.C. Penny's recent financial difficulties were pegged to the retail giant putting out too many messages to their ideal customers. A home department filled with high-end items did not jibe with J.C. Penny's other distinguishing factors of more affordable brands, being friendly to families and providing outstanding prices. Touting the luxury items complicated the company's core messaging, confusing consumers to the point that some simply threw up their hands and went to another retailer whose message was easier to take in.


Each member of DriveProfit's senior team of marketing professionals has more than two decades of experience working with owners to develop outstanding limo marketing campaigns. If you have been running into problems with making your limousine marketing message clearer, we are standing by to help. For details on simplifying your limousine marketing message or to begin a new campaign, please contact DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at





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