Make Sure Your Limo Company's Website and Social Media SEO Efforts Won't Get You a Google Penalty

Posted on Jun 1st 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

Anyone who runs a limousine business that depends to any degree on the Internet for informing and attracting new customers as well as getting coverage from the press should know that it's important to pay attention to the rules of Google.

The search engine applies penalties to organizations that break Google's rules and guidelines for presenting content on their websites and in social media channels. This is especially crucial for the owners of limousine companies, since they typically get so much of their business through exposure on the Internet.

Accordingly, the online aspects of your limo marketing efforts should take Google's requirements into account in order for you to get the best return on your marketing and branding investment.

Avoid Unscrupulous Behavior

You may have heard from "black hat" SEO experts who break the rules established by search engines in an effort to get better search engine results for certain keywords.  Avoid this behavior at all costs. Even if you get a bit of a bump in the beginning, you can assume that Google will eventually find out and then penalize your limo company by placing you much lower in future search results.

For example, do not use link farms. These are designed just to help people trick Google's PageRank system into giving them a higher score. Often the links will go to completely inappropriate sites.

Also, avoid using the hidden text trick, noted a recent article at Quick Sprout. Unscrupulous marketers will load a website with keywords in smaller type than the rest of the content and use the page's background color as the color for the font. They do this to have the search engines index all the appropriate keywords while not showing humans the disgusting mess of words required to trick the software agents looking for good material to index.

Do not create duplicate websites and use identical copy in each site's pages. Google will see the material and will only want to index one of them in a bid to streamline its information offerings.

When it comes to allowing guest posting on your company's blog, you want to do so in moderation. If you put too many posts up from guests, it can unbalance your limo company's link profile. You could wind up with too many links coming from the same source. Companies also run the risk of Google suddenly lowering the value of guest posts automatically in a future update to the search engine's algorithms.

Your social media efforts should be free of distractions too. Consider that Google might begin penalizing companies that set up social media accounts that have a bunch of fake people "following" them.

Since brand signals will tend to improve your Google ranking, it's wise to integrate them. You should make sure your site looks great and functions properly, since poorly performing sites will get ranked lower in search engine results. Include actual contact information, with your street address and phone number.

 The senior members of DriveProfit's marketing team specialize in assisting chauffeured transportation services firms with traditional marketing and online marketing efforts, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. For more information on optimizing your limousine firm's online presence and avoiding penalties from Google as you conduct your limousine marketing campaigns, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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