Making Your Website Affordable

A website that pops with excitement and energy is perhaps the goal of every business owner. They have expectations of building a snazzy new website and watch their sales skyrocket through the roof. However, many limousine businesses lack the funds to really build the website that pops with hi-tech imagery, professionally produced videos that can easily cost thousands to produce. We're here to help. Here are four ideas that can help you achieve your vision without breaking the bank.

#1 — Why Are You Building A Website?

Your website can be inexpensive but effective by simply designing it to meet your expectations. Ask yourself what you expect your website to do for you. Is your goal to sell your services through the website? Are you trying to create a brand image? Do you want to encourage people to come and see your fleet? Do you want people to subscribe to your monthly email announcing new services and special discounts? Determine what it is you want to accomplish and allow Drive Profit to design your website to meet your goals and place you on the path to success.

#2 — The Essentials of Content & Functionality

Business owners always have visions of growth for their business and a vision of how to get there. Sometimes these visions might include the need for custom programming and design work that is out of the budget. Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your website should be constantly in a state of change and improvement that keeps people coming back over and over to see the progress as well as new content. Concentrate on making it functional and updating the content on a regular basis.

#3 — Cheap Isn't Best With Websites

You probably think you can save a buck by using the cheapest web design options. Using a site like Fiverr or a Do-It-Yourself template will save you some money. But, will you accomplish your goals working with someone who has no experience in setting up a new website to meet your specific needs? Do you really believe it is possible to be effective if you don’t know what you're doing and the person you hired doesn’t either?  While this might be a saving in the beginning, it is going to be a cash drain in the end, and eventually, you will probably start all over. Do it right the first time.


#4 — Pay a Professional Without Breaking the Bank

You can get great value on almost any budget by working with a true web designer. When choosing a web designer, share your true budget and your goals. There will be a place to meet in the middle and your designer can build your site with plans for the expansions you dream about. Specifically, find a team with creativity and experience that is well known within your industry. They will have a better understanding of what your website should do. Don’t shop for the lowest priced website designer. You know the old adage, you get what you pay for.

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Posted on Feb 20 2018

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Making Your Website Affordable



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