Marketing Limousine Services to Humans and not Online Robots

Posted on May 4th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

In the rush to get online and do well in online search engine results, some owners of limousine companies and the marketing companies they employ sometimes make the crucial mistake of focusing their efforts exclusively on the search engines.  Each major search engine, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, uses automated software agents or robots that scour the Internet, looking for pages to copy and index.

You've probably heard that search engine optimization or SEO is important for getting the word out about your limousine services. In fact, no modern limo marketing program can afford to ignore ranking well with the search engines. Along the way, however, you don't want to create content that's more appealing to software than it is to the flesh-and-blood humans whose business you seek, noted a recent article at Square 2 Marketing.

Develop materials that address the pains your customers face every day.

Put yourself in the mind of the customer. For example, a corporate transportation manager at a large firm in your service area has been having problems getting executives to the airport on time at a reasonable price point.

You can develop content that showcases how your limousine company only hires the best employees and that your chauffeurs and dispatches work out backup plans. You keep close tabs on road conditions around the airport, have the logistical savvy to work around inclement weather, major traffic jams and other issues that could result in getting to the airport late.

Write content designed for humans to read and then take care of the SEO.

Begin your writing with actual people in mind. This means not blindly sprinkling keywords into the copy like a drunken cupcake maker with a handful of chocolate jimmies.

Don't load all the keywords in the opening or closing paragraph, for example. Make sure they fit into the text logically and organically. Of course, you and your team will be doing ongoing research about the best keywords to employ, as business conditions will change.

Your own priorities may change as well, such as shifting your promotions to capture more of the upscale market of wealthy people who want to hire you to take their kids to summer school or private school every day. This means you and your marketing team should periodically review the current keywords list to make sure you aren't missing something or are focusing too much attention on one keyword over another.

As long as you come up with interesting topics and write useful material, whether in the form of blog posts, articles or static content on your web pages, you can expect that humans will enjoy reading it. The search engine robots copying your limo company's web page material will rank your page according to how well you optimized it for them, but always keep in mind that human eyes are worth more to you than robot eyes.

Always ask whether your content is easy to share.

Besides developing remarkable content to post online, you should take pains to make it as easy to share as possible.

Post interesting stories, funny items and links to useful services and items that your readers will appreciate, and they will be more likely to share them with others via social media. It's also okay to remind your readers to share the material.

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