Marketing Through Donations

Posted on Apr 21st 2016 under Marketing Strategy

Guest Blog Post – Jim Luff from Chosen Payments

We all get hit up day after day to support this cause or that cause.  Maybe you care about the cause or maybe you don't.  I bought cookies at a bake sale yesterday from some neighborhood girls selling cookies from a table in front of a residence.  I didn't care what the cause was.  The sign said, "Homemade Baked Treats".  I'm a sucker for kids and baked treats so it was a no-brainer.  I gave them $20 for my $9 worth of treats and enjoyed the smile on their little faces as I drove away.  As much as I was thrilled to help their cause, I would never entertain the thought of donating a gift card or raffle prize from my business because, let's face it, their audience is limited and likely never going to be my client.

However, if a group doing a fundraiser for a cancer related cause asked me to donate a $250 gift card for free limo service, I would do it in a heartbeat.  I bet you know someone currently battling cancer today.  You may have even lost someone to cancer.  It is a cause that is near and dear to almost everyone.  This means the audience is far, wide and vast.  It's a great cause to donate to.  Chances are it is tax-deductible and the exposure of your name at such an event has a positive and caring impact on those exposed to your name.  This is the type of community exposure that builds business.

Don't expect that your phone will ring the day after event with orders.  It probably won't.  However, when someone does an internet search for a limo company in your community and they see your company name, they will feel connected like they know you.  They don't know you.  They know OF you.  That is credibility and highly increases the likelihood of them calling your company first.  Side note, don't expect the person that won your donation to call and redeem it either.  They were there to support a cause and statistics indicate that less than 30% of all donated gift cards are redeemed.

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