Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Why You MUST Have a Mobile Website

Wireless devices have eclipsed the desktop computer for searching the internet. Websites developed specifically for desktop viewing don't always look good or function good on a mobile device creating a poor experience visiting your site and possibly being even a turn-off for a potential client.

Here are six reasons to consider developing a mobile version of your website:

#1 — Increase Engagement By 85%!

Statistics show that websites designed or optimized for mobile viewing generates almost double the traffic of a non-optimized website.  People have a much better experience with it and are more likely to stay engaged in the site.

#2 — Google Research Shows Lost Customers Without a Mobile Website

Research by Google indicates 67% of potential customers viewing a mobile site will likely make a purchase or become a customer.  Not having a mobile site can cause you to lose up to 61% of your potential customers who will depart your site for a friendlier site.

#3 — 52% Of Local Searches Generate A Phone Call

Google reports 40% of all Google searches are for a local product or service. When people conduct local searches, 52% press the phone number displayed to connect to the merchant.  There are 760 million mobile searches each day.  Make sure you get your piece of the pie.

#4 — Two-Thirds of All People Surveyed Influenced By Mobile Sites

Easy to use mobile-friendly sites create a positive image and feeling for visitors who indicate they are likely to buy or engage services while visiting an easy to use, easy to navigate mobile website.

#5 — 40% of All People Surveyed Purchased Elsewhere

People who visited websites not designed or optimized for mobile viewing became frustrated, left the site and went to a competitor and made their purchase at a friendlier site.

#6 — 61% of Mobile Viewers Click The Call Now Button

When a viewer clicks thru to a phone number, the chance of converting a lead to a sale is 15 times higher than any other form of contact.

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Posted on Jun 15 2017

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Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Why You MUST Have a Mobile Website



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