Offer Incentives to Build Up Your Limo Company's Email List

Posted on Sep 30th 2015 under Calls to Action

When all else fails, offer a bribe.

That may seem like unsavory advice, but it's not meant to encourage you to do something illegal. If you have been dismayed at the lack of growth in your limousine company's email list, you may feel hard pressed to figure out a way to encourage more people to sign up. After all, the bigger your email list gets, the more business it promises to send your way.

Your limousine marketing efforts will naturally involve a great deal of email. Email is an easy way for customers to learn about new services at your limousine company as well as to receive special money saving offers.

Five Examples of Incentives Designed to Prompt Email Signups

  1. Discount on the first ride

People love a bargain, so this is a time-honored method to win their business.

  1. Extra time in the limo

They can use the extra hours to further explore your city or continue entertaining some VIPs.

  1. An upgrade in service

People who have been dreaming about riding in your most luxurious vehicles will chomp at the bit to claim this type of incentive.

  1. A thought-provoking white paper

For your business customers, offering them a useful white paper will demonstrate that you are interested in seeing them succeed, which helps establish trust.

  1. Bonus points in your customer loyalty rewards program

You get to promote your loyalty program and encourage people to sign up, educating them to the fact that it exists in the first place!

Test Different Incentives

How do you know whether one type of incentive will work compared to another? You won't be able to tell if you don't conduct some tests.

To do this, you set up different versions of the web page and then employ certain keywords to encourage one group of people to visit version A and another group to version B. Then you can get a better idea of which incentives induce more people to sign up with their email and which are, therefore, one of the most powerful limousine marketing tactics you can employ.

Offering incentives to customers won't guarantee that they will give you their business in turn, of course. But by brainstorming with your staff (preferably with the assistance of your DriveProfit marketing professionals), you can determine the best types of incentives to offer. Once they sign up, your work has just begun.

Now, you'll have to develop a series of emails to send them on a regular basis. To justify recipients' decision to sign for your emails, you'll want to give them useful information they can act on. This will help keep your limo company top of mind when readers finally get ready to book a ride.

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