Questions Your Limousine Company Must Ask When Gathering Data on Customers

Posted on Jul 14th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

Every customer that does business with your limousine company is a source of valuable information that you should be harvesting and using to improve the services you provide.

Are you making a habit of gathering data on your customers and organizing it so the information is useful and actionable? If not, here are some questions that your limousine company should keep in mind as you collect data on each customer. You can use the subsequent data to fine-tune your limo marketing materials and stay more engaged with each customer.

What Data Should I Collect?

It's a good idea to begin by collecting just the basic information, including the names and email and surface mail addresses of each customer, noted a recent article at Entrepreneur. This data is important because it lets you begin sending out personalized messages to each rider. To bolster the demographics information, you can ask for their gender, age and profession.

What Kind of Transaction Data Should I Gather?

How will you know which types of customers are more interested in the different services you offer if you don't record the data on each transaction?

Use this information to see, for example, how often one category of customer requests rides to the airport compared to another. You might see differences according to the type of industry that customer works in, for example, or a marked difference in orders coming from one ZIP code or another.

How Do I Collect Data?

Implement a data collection system and instruct your staff on the importance of using it on a regular basis. You can collect data over the phone as well as in online chat sessions that you host from your website. Other good sources for data include online questionnaires or surveys.

Follow the law when gathering data. The 2003 CAN-SPAM act forbids companies from collecting email from sources such as online chat rooms and blog posts unless you have explicit permission to do so. Consult your marketing team for details.

What Should I Use to Organize the Data?

Enter all the data into a customer relationship management application. This lets you keep all information in a single place, instead of scattered on the hard drives of your sales team.

Then, you can crunch the numbers and filter out different categories of customers. Segmenting customers is useful for helping you determine your next marketing campaigns and lets you market more effectively to each type of customer.

How do I Protect Customer Data?

When you gather sensitive information on your customers, it is of paramount importance that you safeguard it. Encrypt all such data (work with a cybersecurity specialist if your IT department is not up to snuff).

Consider the fact that if hackers gain access to your customer data, including their full names, ages, addresses and credit card information, they can commit identify theft and fraud. Such a security breach could drive you out of business if you get sued by customers whose identities were stolen.

In order to get the best return on investment in your limo marketing, it pays to know as much as possible about your customers. The more information you have, the better you can tailor services to each rider as well as determine what kinds of new service offerings you should be making.

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