Research and Brainstorming Sessions to Build a Great Brand for Your Limo Company (Branding part 5 of 5)

It's fair to say that most great brands don't arise from the mind of a single person. A group effort brings together many minds and creative talents to figure out the best way to position your limousine company and limousine marketing. 

A company will gather its stakeholders together and find out what each person thinks about what the brand should represent. Essentially, you must thoroughly know what your limousines company is all about and what kinds of customers you are most hoping to attract before you can settle on your limousine marketing and branding.

Is your limo company aiming for the business-to-business market or are you focusing on business-to-individual sales? Or, are you presenting your business to multiple demographics and customer types? Knowing this will guide the creation of your limousine company brand.

Whether you are aiming for B2B or B2I, research and brainstorming sessions will result in a much more powerful brand than if you go to meet with your partners unprepared.


It pays to do plenty of market research as you prepare to develop your limousine company's brand. You'll want to see what the latest trends are across the limousine industry, to avoid putting out a brand that is old-fashioned or out of touch. 

You also should spend time investigating your competition. It will help you see how the market is currently divided as well as get a feel for how your rivals position themselves. Use this information to come up with a branding strategy and campaign that will set you apart from these competing firms while also showing that you are a full-fledged member of the limousine industry.

Check each rival's limo marketing campaigns to see how they use their branding to appeal to B2B and B2I customers in your area.


Gather the troops and have them sit down in a quiet room that is free of distractions. Everyone should set their smartphones to silent mode to avoid untimely interruptions. What if a member of your team is in the middle of a great idea and then gets a call that derails the thought process?

Set up a white board and designate someone to be the moderator. Encourage the free flow of ideas and write everything down on the board. You might also have someone typing up notes on a computer to keep track of the ideas as they arise.

When meeting with your marketing and branding team, you may start sketching out ideas for logos and symbols and the various types of typeface, letter size and colors for the brand. With everyone chiming in, you'll have a better idea of how the brand should look.

Emphasize that in a brainstorming session, people shouldn't pre-judge any ideas. Simply say what's on your mind and then erase the concepts that fail to pan out afterward when you evaluate each idea after the meeting.


This is part five of DriveProfit's five-part series on branding. We hope that you find the information useful as you develop and strengthen your limousine company's brand.

At DriveProfit, members of our limousine marketing team have more than 30 years experience in doing research and brainstorming to help limousine companies improve their brand development. For more information on the process of building a great brand for your limousine business or to get started with our team, please contact DriveProfit todayat 203.426.7780 or email us at



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Posted on Apr 17 2015

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Research and Brainstorming Sessions to Build a Great Brand for Your Limo Company (Branding part 5 of 5)



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