Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Self-Managing Your Social Media Management Plan

Posted on Mar 16th 2017 under Social Media

SEO Managers, website developers, app-developers and network engineers seem to speak in a foreign language.  If you get them talking about social media for business, they might make you think you need a Master’s degree in social media management to gain any type of success.

The truth is, it isn’t that difficult and companies such as Drive Profit can help you get started in a campaign you can manage by yourself with just a little guidance.  The toughest part about a social media management plan is implementing the plan.  This is where we at Drive Profit are most efficient.

The most important part of a social media management plan is to identify what your most important channels are.  Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or SnapChat?  It depends on your target market.  Next comes the development of a regular posting schedule on the selected channels and a plan of what you will be posting.  For instance, you could have a campaign called, The Wednesday Hump Day Deal.  Every Wednesday you promote a special that is valid only on Wednesday.  Or, you could display it on Wednesday and Thursday to be valid only on Friday.  You just need a plan and about 15 minutes each day.

Managing your social media by keeping your content fresh every day, you should see a natural progression of social growth.  This is the number of people who are following you or visiting your social media pages each day.  Just as television programs rely on ratings to determine if a show is worth of continuing production, your "ratings" are the number of people not only viewing your social media pages and but interacting such as commenting, liking and sharing your posts on their own pages.

If you can get a visitor to complete a review on your Facebook page, that increases your overall internet presence since search engines love social media reviews.

Reviews are considered relevant information to everyone so Google and other search engines boost the ranking of your company name with each review you receive.

While setting up your channels for you, and most companies only need two or three, such as Facebook and Twitter or a combination of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, Drive Profit can conduct channel auditing.  These audits help us to prepare a report on how many people are viewing and interacting with your social media pages.  This information also includes demographic information about visitors and how they accessed your site, such as a tablet or desktop computer.  These tools help you modify your posting schedule to maximize the viewing.

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