Six Key Limousine Website Metrics You Should Be Paying Attention To

Posted on May 9th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

No matter how great your website looks and how useful it is to your potential customers looking for details about vehicles or packages at your limousine company, it pays to examine how the website is working in terms of statistics. You won't really know how effective the website is in forwarding the goals of your limousine company if you don't look at the metrics. To get started, there are six key metrics that you should be paying attention to, according to a recent article at Savvy Panda.

How Many Visitors are You Getting?

Google Analytics will help you instantly determine how many people are visiting your limousine company's website. At a glance, you'll see the number of weekly or monthly visitors, and you can compare these figures to past months' performance. If you get a huge spike in traffic, you'll be able to see what happened that month to cause it. 

In addition to knowing how many visitors you get, you need to know where the visitors are coming from. Are they clicking on a link from search engine results? Perhaps they are visiting you from a link via social media. Knowing the details helps you fine-tune your approach.

What's the Bounce Rate?

Now, how many people are leaving the site? This is the bounce rate. You can measure the numbers of visitors who leave the site in different ways. For example, they might click a link to an external site. Or, a visitor simply clicks the "back button" in the browser to go back to the previous site. 

You'll also see if visitors typed in a new URL in the browser, or if they closed the browser window or tab of your website. When potential customers visit your website but didn't interact with the page very much (resulting a "session timeout"), you'll get the statistics. You might want to update the page so it is more informative in an attempt to keep people on the page for a longer duration.

How Long do People Stay on the Site?

What is the average amount of time a visitor stays on a page? If they aren't spending enough time to get your message, it's time to re-think the content. Maybe you need to offer more information, or maybe you have some videos on the page that are too long for most of your visitors to stick around for.

What is the Click Through Rate of your Call to Action?

Your call to action, whether it's to sign up for a newsletter, contact a salesperson or visit the services page on your site is an important aspect of your limousine marketing. Keep track of the click through rate of your CTA. If the numbers are too low, you and your marketing team will need to make some adjustments to the text.

How Healthy is the Conversion Rate?

Conversion rates apply to a number of actions. Measure the conversion rate of people hitting your landing page, the number of people converting from lead to customer, or signing up with their email address to get your limo company's newsletter.

Are You Meeting Your Company's Goals?

After you set goals for your website, you can use metrics to see how well you are meeting them. Your goal might be to increase site visitors by 3 percent each month, for example, or to get a certain number of blog readers to share posts via social media. If you are meeting your goals, it's a sign you're already moving in the right direction. If you fail to hit the mark, though, you will have the data you need to inform the changes you must make next.

At DriveProfit, each of our senior marketing professionals has more than two decades assisting limousine companies with their limo marketing efforts. We've seen how valuable it can be to pay close attention to the metrics of your company's website. For more information about website metrics or to get some assistance with your next promotional campaign, please contact DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at


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