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Posted on Aug 24th 2017 under Social Media

Keeping your social media sites updated with fresh content can be a daunting task.  However, fresh content is important and engaging content is even more important.  What is engaging?  Engaging is getting “likes”, “comments” or “shares”.  Of course, someone reading your page with no action taken is also considered “engagement” but it isn’t nearly as good as motivating someone to share your content on their own page.  That type of action indicates they liked it so much that they wanted to share the post for their friends to see it.

Your audience on social media can be huge.  As of today, there are 2.1 billion social media users.  This makes it a logical place to find new clients every day.  Social media is the most effective marketing tool ever invented for all sizes of business.  From the mom and pop shops of America to conglomerates like McDonalds and Budweiser, social media has created a way to connect with your customers and potential customers like never before.

But, what messages should you be sending?  What will make visitors to your social media pages engage with you?  You want to engage them without coming off as an advertisement for your business.


Here are five tips for engaging your social media audience:

 #1 – Ask a question.  This is a sure fire way to get your audience to engage with you.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be an advertisement type of question.  The goal is to get people coming back to your page over and over.  Then, when you do offer a special of some type, you have a large enough audience to convert some readers into customers.  You can ask things like, What are five things on your bucket list?  What are your top three accomplishments in life?  What are five things you could not live without?  What is your dream job and why?

You might want to ask some of your friends to post their responses right away to build activity on your page.  No one likes to be the first one on the dance floor but once one couple start dancing, the whole floor fills up with dancers.  The same concept applies with social media.


#2 – Do a survey.  If you want to make it about your business, you can post some questions related to your business.  You can ask what potential services or products people would like to see you add.  You can ask people where they have seen you advertising around town.


#3 – Sharing is caring.  Consider sharing a funny meme or a funny video.  Photos of pets, and photos of children are always a big hit.  Perhaps put a logo'd hat on your pet or your small child.  Inspirational quotes that people can relate to can translate into a lot of sharing.  Sharing is important because it makes other people outside of your network become aware of the cool stuff you post and makes them visit your site on a regular basis.  Each new audience member becomes one more person that can be converted to a customer.


#4 – Videos are all the rage.  You can fully explain an offering of your company.  Let’s say that you are a limo company that offers wine tours.  You can incorporate video clips from previous wine tours to share what a typical wine tour is like and how much fun they are for the people who attend.  Speaking of videos, people love to see themselves in videos.  After completing a wine tour, post videos of a particular wine tour and let the people on the tour know that it will be posted.  They will share this with their friends that were unable to make the trip.  Ask a few of your customers to record testimonials while standing in front of your vehicle parked in front of a popular winery.


#5 – Host a give-away.  There is nothing that brings in new audience members faster than a free give-away.  What you give-away and how you qualify people to win is completely up to you.  Set the give-away date at least five days after you launch your campaign and no more than thirty days later to allow people time to share the news with their friends.

There are many fun promotions you can come up with for sales too.  Depending on your profit margins and price points, you may be able to tie in a promotion to the current temperature.  Such as, your hourly rate on a limo rental is whatever the temperature is at the time you call to book your limo.  This will boost your morning and late night calls and that’s probably a good thing.  If you run a hotel you could tie the daily room rate to the temperature.  The sky is the limit for internal promotions.

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