Social Media Influencers: What You Need to Know to Boost Your Limo Brand

Posted on Jan 13th 2016 under inbound marketing

There is no better way to earn respect (or followers) on social media than to become a social media influencer. The bad news is, there's no app for that. You can't buy your way in. It happens when you play the social media game like an expert and actually know a thing or two about your business that people find interesting and useful. That's the real trick. We think there are four stepping stones to getting there, and we want to let you in on what each of them is and how to get there.


Step #1-Prove that you're an expert.


Don't assume that just because it says "limo company" on your page, people will just decide that you're an authority. Post content on current trends within the industry and engage with "Did you know…?" types of posts that highlight interesting but lesser known facts and stories about your business. The latter can really help you get there quickly because, well, everyone loves a story. Just make sure yours is relevant and that it has a clearly definable take-away for the reader.


Step #2-Be part of the conversation, always.


Your audience needs to hear from you personally and often. Even your automated content has to be conversational, and you need to monitor responses so you know how your content is being received. Social influencers don't phone it in 24/7-they listen, engage, and constantly prove that they're experts and want to educate and interact.


Step #3-Commit to building social media communities.


When you stop thinking about your company as a business and start seeing it as a community, with every reader and customer being valuable members of that community, your social media presence will take on an entirely new dimension. Communities need leaders. Do what you need to in order to be seen as the leader in yours.


Step #4-Channel all your content through social media.


You want to create content that is specifically for your social channels, but you want to distribute blog content and other website content among your social media accounts as well. Don't neglect this step. The stuff that you produce that is 100-percent unique to your brand goes a long way toward reinforcing the concept that you are an authority and a leader. Let the other guys curate the meat of their content-you know better. If that's really true, your friends and followers will see it, and it's at that point that you become an influencer.



Now, we do hope that this simple article doesn't leave you thinking that it's "that simple" to become a social influencer. This is a process. It takes time. Commit to doing what you need to get there, and don't try to rush the process. Be genuine with your audience and make them realize (not "think"-realize) that you're the real deal.

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