Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Staying On Top With Facebook

There is no more prominent social media platform than Facebook.  It is for all practical purposes the Grandfather of social media. However, just as everything evolves over time, Facebook is constantly changing.

While Facebook began as a way of communicating among college students, it has grown to be a viable platform for marketing and advertising.  The fact is, in a March 2016 survey by Social Media Marketers Worldwide, 95.8% of people who use social media for marketing said it produces the absolute best ROI.  So, how do you harness the power?

To begin with, you have to understand that Facebook controls what people see.  The truth is, only about 2% of “fans” who like your business page will see your posts as determined by Facebook.  Facebook likes to display content created within Facebook.  For this reason, consider posting your videos directly to your Facebook page.  Don’t load them into YouTube and then share a link to YouTube.  It diminishes your chances of appearing in someone’s feed.  Create photo albums within Facebook to use within your posts.  This is called “Native Content” and it gets the most attention from Facebook.

Videos continue to be all the rage.  Videos are 135% more likely to be viewed than still photos.  Create videos that have impact.  Facebook will treat them with more importance when deciding where they will show up.  Videos will expand your audience.  Make sure you have “autoplay” turned ON so when users see your videos they will automatically begin to play and increase the chance of drawing a viewer in.  Consider adding closed captioning so users who must keep their phones silenced will still be able to understand what it is they are seeing.

Timing is everything!  Schedule your business posts within Facebook using the scheduling tool to post at a time that your audience would most likely be engaged with Facebook.  Facebook has an analytics program to help you determine when that might be.  If your post begins to get a lot of comments or likes, this is the time to use the “boost” feature.  While it costs money to do so, if people like the post, more people are likely to engage in it if you “boost” it and serve it to more people who are not currently your fans.

Speaking of boosting a post, make sure you select the best audience for your boosted post to be served to.  That means using Facebook’s targeting feature.  You can select age, gender, geographic area and other things such as keywords like Wine Tour or Concerts or other things your audience might like.  You can even drill down to a specific restaurant in your city.  If you are targeting brides, you might choose life events such as, “Newly in a relationship” to narrow your post down to those who might be getting married in the near future.

Facebook is a very effective marketing tool.  You absolutely should be using it to promote your business economically but yet effectively.

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Posted on Jan 05 2017

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Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Staying On Top With Facebook



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