Strategies for Beating Your Competition

Posted on Jul 16th 2015 under B2B Marketing

How has business been at your limousine company lately? If you've been seeing a decline in the number of calls your sales team gets, the amount of people visiting your website and fewer clicks on the links you provide in blog posts, emails and social media, you may be facing fiercer competition than usual.

When it comes to limousine marketing, there are steps you can take to showcase what differentiates your company from competitors. Now that you've recognized you have a problem with slow growth or even dwindling business, it's time to adopt strategies to help you beat the competition.

Create a List of Prospects

Surely, you have not run out of potential customers who need to arrange for chauffeured transportation services in your region or niche market. New businesses are constantly being started up, and some local companies will begin to prosper and require more transportation for their VIPs.

You should always be engaged with new potential customers. You can start by scouring the online Yellow Pages for new companies to woo, along with a list of local businesses from your Chamber of Commerce, noted a recent article at Rain Today.

Examine your company's LinkedIn page for potential businesses in your region or niche, and harness your alumni association and other groups you belong to for more prospects.

Keep up With Changes in Buyers' Behavior

Do you know how potential buyers are doing research and finding out about limousine companies in your service area? You might think that they are sticking to search engine giant Google to find "limousine services" in your city, but actually more of them will be finding you through word of mouth. They'll rely on the recommendations of their actual friends and colleagues as well as members of their social media communities.

This means that when you have a better idea of where buyers are going to find limousine service, you can market to them more effectively, such as ramping up the number of tweets or Facebook posts you generate each week.

Maximize Your Internet Marketing Efforts

In conjunction with your marketing team, you should step up your online efforts.

For example, use website visitor tools to identify the exact pages different customers visit. If they don't click on a link on your sales page despite your invitation, you can keep track of this detail with the cookies you save on their computers via your website, so you can display ads to them to encourage making contact with the sales department.

Limousine company owners and managers that take the time to develop comprehensive strategies for dealing with the local competition can expect to see an uptick in business, more loyal riders and an increase in market share over nearby rivals. However, you should always assume that your competitors have the same motivations and will be developing their own strategies for defeating your company. Make sure you align yourself with a savvy limousine marketing team with plenty of experience in promoting the chauffeured transportation industry.

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