Symbols and Logos for Branding Your Limousine Marketing (Branding part 4 of 5)

Brand recognition is the name of the game in marketing your ground transportation services business. As you work on developing your brand, you will come to a point where you'll need to settle on what logo or symbol to use. People sometimes throw the two words around as if they were interchangeable. 

To clarify, a logo is a word that you use to identify your company, while a symbol is an image that represents your firm. You can combine the two elements or use one or the other. However, relying on just a symbol could be a risky move that you'll want to discuss in depth with your marketing and branding team.

If you lack experience in graphic design and brand creation, don't try to create a brand new logo by yourself for your company. It's possible that when potential customers see your limousine marketing campaign efforts that they will be put off by an amateur design. However, it's a good idea to get an overview of symbols, logos and brand development so you can have an informed conversation with the branding professionals you work with.

A symbol can become a highly charged item when it represents a major company. Consider the logos of your favorite companies and you will be struck at how iconic the most popular and well-known ones are.


Making a Good Logo

Above all, your logo should have a professional appearance, giving your limousine company the credibility it deserves. The font you choose and the color of the letters will have an effect on mood (green for success or calming blue, for example) and you should examine all aspects at once rather than one element at a time.

Your logo should be modern looking (don't use an old-fashioned font). Whatever logo you wind up using, it should distinguish your company from the competition.

Symbol Choice

If you want to appeal to people seeking luxurious vehicles, work with a symbol that conveys comfort.  Do you want your company to appear young and energetic? Perhaps you are serious and sedate, always on time and emphasize punctuality. If that's the case, work with your graphic design and branding team to come up with a shape that satisfies these requirements.

 Symbols you may Want to Avoid

Don't make the mistake of selecting or creating a symbol that has associations that may run counter to the image you want to present for your limousine firm.

For example, companies sometimes include a fish to indicate their religious faith and that they want to encourage other members of the religion to do business with them. The rainbow has become a symbol for gay people, with businesses incorporating the image into their branding to encourage a particular demographic to patronize their establishment. If you don't want to focus on a particular segment of the market in this fashion, it's best to work with a different symbol.

Even something as innocuous as a downward aiming arrow in your symbol could be distracting, noted SitePoint. An arrow facing left or down gives the opposite idea of moving upward or forward.

Show your logo and symbol ideas to trusted friends, colleagues and associates to get a second opinion before you sign off on the design. You don't want to start using a logo or symbol that is irrelevant, distracting or conveying another meaning in your limo marketing materials.

This is part four of our new five-part series on branding. Come back tomorrow to read part five!

 DriveProfit's marketing and branding experts have more than 30 years assisting chauffeured transportation services firms with logo and symbols to extend their presence in the marketplace and set them apart from local competitors. For more information on symbols and logos or to get started on your new branding project, please contact the professionals at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at


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Posted on Apr 16 2015

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Symbols and Logos for Branding Your Limousine Marketing (Branding part 4 of 5)



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