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Does Your Limo Website Need to Be Redesigned?

Does Your Limo Website Need To Be Redesigned?

Posted on Mar 30th 2015

When did you create the website for your limousine company? Did you make it during the early days of the Internet and now have a site that looks embarrassingly outdated or lacking in the basics of...

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Don't Ignore or Cover Up Unfavorable Criticism

Don't Ignore Or Cover Up Unfavorable Criticism

Posted on May 7th 2014

When a customer complains about your limousine or chauffeured services company through social media, it can be easy to ignore the remarks and hope the hubbub dies down soon enough. If the comments...

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How to Identify Your Ideal Customer

How To Identify Your Ideal Customer

Posted on May 2nd 2014

You know that adage that says if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one? The same concept holds true when it comes to your limousine marketing. While it may be a nice thought that your...

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3 Ways to Successfully Engage With Your Clients

3 Ways To Successfully Engage With Your Clients

Posted on Apr 30th 2014

In the limousine business, you know that one of the most important things to do on a regular basis is to engage with your clients. Competition, regardless of your market, is relentless, and it can be...

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Let's Give Them Something to Talk About!

Let's Give Them Something To Talk About!

Posted on Oct 21st 2013

We all know about "Word of Mouth" but now it's time to make it work as part of your marketing strategy. Word of Mouth Marketing is giving a reason for people to talk about your company and your...

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