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Creating a Powerful Press Release

Creating A Powerful Press Release

Posted on Jul 27th 2015

If you need a great press release as part of limo marketing, there is a very specific format to follow. Following are seven proven tips to make your press release highly effective. No One Cares - A...

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More Effective Marketing with Buyer Personas

More Effective Marketing With Buyer Personas

Posted on Jul 20th 2015

When it comes to marketing, some industries are straightforward while others require special strategies, such as those we find in limousine marketing. Limousine marketing requires that a very...

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Strategies for Beating Your Competition

Strategies For Beating Your Competition

Posted on Jul 16th 2015

How has business been at your limousine company lately? If you've been seeing a decline in the number of calls your sales team gets, the amount of people visiting your website and fewer clicks on the...

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Why MORE Marketing isn't the Solution

Why More Marketing Isn't The Solution

Posted on Jun 24th 2015

Have you been noticing that your limousine marketing efforts don't seem to be delivering the results you've been expecting? While there can always be slumps in business that are caused by things...

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