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5 Tips For Effective Live Tweeting

5 Tips For Effective Live Tweeting

Posted on Jan 14th 2016

Live Twitter events and live tweeting are a very under-utilized part of social media in the limo industry. In fact, we're betting you're sitting there right now asking, "Why would I even want to have...

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Twitter Marketing Tips for Limo Companies

Twitter Marketing Tips For Limo Companies

Posted on Dec 23rd 2015

"Follow us on Twitter" is much more than a catch phrase or a status symbol. Those words can actually have a tremendous impact on your business if, once people follow through on that simple call to...

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Social Media Tips and Tricks

Social Media Tips And Tricks

Posted on Apr 2nd 2014

When it comes to limousine marketing and the limo business in general, one of the most important marketing resources that you have at your disposal is social media. Gone are the days where limo...

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