Take A Walk In Your Clients’ Shoes

Posted on May 21st 2019 under Limo Marketing Tips

The customer is the hero of every business. Mapping the customer’s journey from first contact through to post-service follow-up is nothing new, but it has so far not been widely adopted in the limousine service industry. However, creating a clear and effective customer journey is essential for the success of your business today.
As a limo service company, you are probably struggling to attract new customers and wondering how you can keep existing customers happy because if you don’t, somebody else will. Read on to find out how you can use the customer journey to win more business.

What is the Customer Journey?

Do you know what your customers really want? How do they feel? What do they really know about your services? In order to improve your customers’ experience, the customer journey must be well understood. But doing this is not a simple task. In the limo service industry, things seem pretty simple – a person hires a limo service, for many different reasons, to help take the stress out of travel and reach their desired destination safely and on time. The best way to figure out what your customers want is to take a walk in their shoes. So, grab a pen and paper and let’s dig into your customers’ journey.
The customer journey is the process by which your customers interact with your business in order to achieve a goal. It represents each and every encounter a customer has with your limousine service business and the services you offer. Remember that these interactions can be both direct and indirect. Nowadays, customers interact with companies in many ways – from gaining awareness of a company via social media, through receiving a ‘thank you’ email after a purchase – and many steps in between.
The customer journey starts from the first moment the prospect becomes aware of your services and continues right through to their post-purchase experience and brand advocacy. Journeys can stretch across multiple channels and touchpoints and can often last days, even weeks.
You may already be mapping your customers’ journey, but if you do it from your point of view through marketing materials and touchpoints, you will make your business and services the foundation of the customer experience, and you don’t want this. If you build the map from your customers’ point of view, the client will become the base of the journey.

Take a Walk in Your Clients’ Shoes

Once you understand the customer journey you can truly understand their experience and take the right measures to improve it and take your limo service to the next level. Here are a few pointers:
The customer journey is continually evolving.
Every client is different; you already know that. The question is – do your limousine service business strategies align with this? A client’s journey is a complex combination of preferences, activities, and paths a customer takes within your business. Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ journey is key to achieving essential limo service business goals:
• You gain a clear picture of where customers have come from and what they are trying to get;
• You understand what questions your customers have and how they are feeling;
• You get an overview of the customer experience, and you discover what is missing.
Want to deliver excellent services? Humanize your business and get to know your customers.
By optimizing your customers’ journey, you increase their loyalty.

Walk Through the Customer Experience

• The Pre-Purchase Experience
This experience starts when potential customers realize they have a problem – they need a limo service. They look around for solutions and become aware of your company, as well as your competitors. Next, your prospects need to find out if you can help them. They will check your website, contact you, go on social media to discover how you helped others cover their transportation-related needs, and finally they will ask for pricing. This moment is absolutely crucial for any limousine service company.
• The Professional Services
During this stage of the customer journey, the client finds out what’s like to work with you. In order to win your client’s trust, you need to exceed their highest expectations. At this stage of the journey you should ask yourself some questions:
- Are you easy to work with?
- Are the quotes you send accurate?
- How can you improve your client’s experience?
• The Between Engagement Phase
After you have completed the first interaction and you have made a positive impression, the customer may decide to use your transportation services again. Of course, they may not have an immediate need, but you have to be sure that you will be the first company to call when they are ready.
Note: this stage is often ignored, but in our opinion it is essential because it represents a significant opportunity to drive customer loyalty. During this stage you should stay on your clients’ radar, nurture them and educate them further about the services you offer.
• The Lost Customer
Customers leave for a variety of reasons. No matter how good your services are, or how good your relationship is with your clients, some situations are simply out of your control. Of course, there are some scenarios where the customer may have a bad experience, or it was just bad chemistry. And there will also be clients who had a great experience, but just don’t need your services again. But this doesn’t mean you should forget about them.
To return to the crucial pre-purchase experience stage, the quoting process plays a vital role in the customer’s journey. With a reliable quoting system, you will impress your customers by offering them a fast and accurate solution to their travel needs without wasting their valuable time.
DriveProfit’s quoting system, REACT, is a tool designed by industry experts to meet the specific needs of limo service businesses. So, what exactly does it do?
• Saves time and increases your team’s productivity.
• Allows you to create professional, personalized quotes in less time, with just a few clicks.
• Significantly reduces errors in the quoting process.
• Shortens the conversation timeline and helps you build relationships with prospects.
From planning and development to effective support, the team of specialists at DriveProfit will assist you at every step.
Improve your quoting process!
Contact DriveProfit to find out more about how REACT can help you win more business.

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