The Art of Asking for More

Upselling your services may seem like a lost cause, but you just need to practice.

Like many companies, your company may offer varying levels of services. In fact, unless you have a unique service offering, you better have multiple flavors of your basic service, or you are going to struggle to succeed. So, assuming you have multiple levels of service, you probably have seen varying levels of success for each service you offer. A key to having sustained levels of success across the board is upselling your clients.

You do upsell, don't you? Well, if you don't you should and if you do but it doesn't seem successful no need to worry. We have some tips to help you whether you are a novice upseller or someone who is still honing their skills.

  1. If you don't ask, you'll never know — It seems simple enough. You have a client who purchases a certain level of service, but you think they might be happier with the next level of service. Or perhaps they might like one of your services that compliments the main service they are purchasing. Did you ask? Did you mention your other services? If the answer is 'no' to either of these questions, you have failed the first step of upselling. Talk about your other services. Many will tell you that they are not interested but many others will listen. As the old saying goes, 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained.'
  2. Know your customer — When a new client comes to you and asks about your service, do you ask probing questions? In order to customize your service offering with upsell opportunities, you have to delve into your client's wants, needs, and desires. Some will keep the conversation focused on the one service they are interested in, but others will be happy to talk. By asking questions, you will gain insight into what motivates them, and from there you can see opportunities to offer them a higher level of service or multiple, complimentary services.
  3. KISS or Keep it Short and Simple — Successful upselling is about not over-reaching. You may occasionally be presented with a client who has deep pockets and likes to indulge, but most have a budget in mind with some limited flexibility. If a client asks you about the lowest level of your service and you think that the next level up will be a bit more enjoyable and the jump in price is not that great, you will have a better chance of nailing the upsell opportunity.
  4. Know when to push and when not to push — In our modern age of mobile technology, social sharing, and online review sites, you have to know when to say when. If you successfully upsell a client, but they feel pressured, you could end up with a bad review on Google or Yelp or your Facebook page. As with all aspects of selling, being able to read your client and know when to upsell and when to stop could be the difference between providing a superior experience that garners you a good review and referral business or getting someone to buy something they didn't really want and having them tell the world you are a bit too aggressive.
  5. Create bundled service packages — We like to call this one the 'meal deal technique' because it is a simple way to create an upsell opportunity with a value proposition that is easily understood. Let's say you offer a particular service and you have seen that customers of this service have regularly added on one or two of your other services at the same time. Why not create a package offering where these two or three services are offered together at a price that offers a discount of the services if purchased separately? The reality is everyone likes a good deal that offers value at a good price.
  6. Go with what you know — While this is the last in the list, it is hardly the least important. If you are new to the upselling process, the best place to start is with existing, loyal clients. Review your client lists and see who consistently purchases from you. Then think of the higher level of services they might like or the complimentary services they might like bundled with their usual purchase. As they already are comfortable with your company and the service you provide, they are more apt to be upsold.

We hope these six tips have removed some of the trepidation or concern you might have about upselling. The reality is you have probably been upsold and didn't realize it. Upselling is not a grand mystery nor does it rely on some magical potion to make it work. Like any other muscle in your body, your upselling skill is a muscle that will strengthen over time as long as you are consistent in doing it and are always looking to improve.

Since 2001, Drive Profit has been helping companies throughout the luxury, chauffeur-driven service market improve their business and maintain a high level of success. We can help you to, and we would love to talk to you and learn how we can help. Contact us now.

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Posted on Dec 21 2018

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The Art of Asking for More



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