The Importance of Color Selection for Branding Your Limo Company (Branding part 3 of 5)

Color is extremely important when it comes to branding your limousine business. Because different colors can have different psychological effects on people, companies devote a great deal of time and effort on coming up with the perfect color scheme for their brands. They increase recognition immeasurably. 

For example, consider this common situation. You are driving on a highway and your stomach starts growling because you skipped breakfast. Off to the side, you see a flash of red or yellow, which are two of the most popular color choices used by fast food restaurants. Even if you don't see the entire sign or the restaurant's building, the color alone could trigger your brain to slow down and consider getting off at the next off ramp because this color equals food in your mind.

A number of issues come into play regarding color selection for your chauffeured transportation services company. You should begin by taking a look at the entire industry to see what kinds of color schemes the most successful limo businesses are currently using. This can help you narrow down your choices.

Check out the Competition

After you survey the industry or have a trusted partner with experience in branding take care of this task for you, it's time to check out what your local competitors are doing.  You might slightly adjust the hue of your brand to distinguish yourself from nearby rivals. Or, it's possible that you see a poorly performing competitor and decide to use the same colors because you know you will soon have a bigger piece of the market.

How Do Colors Make People Feel?

Colors make a big difference in mood. Consider how when you select a favorite tie or dress for the day, you may be choosing a color to make you feel happier, energetic or calmer. Industrial psychologists study the feelings that colors help create, helping companies determine the best hues to represent their business and to strike the right mood in potential and current customers.

Even prisons have conducted experiments where they paint the inmates' cells pink in an effort to keep the population calm and subdued. Color psychology experts dubbed the hue "drunk tank pink."

In North America, yellow is seen as youthful and optimistic, according to KISSmetrics. Red tends to inspire a sense of urgency and energy, with companies using it to boost sales. 

Can Brand Color Affect Your Customer Conversion Rate?

The colors used in your branding can influence how well your limousine marketing campaigns progress. You'll want to consider the role that color can play in your customer conversion rates.  For example, people tend to make subconscious decisions about a company within about 90 seconds, according to Quick Sprout, and color will boost your brand recognition by 80%.

If you're seeking to convert customers based on price, companies often use orange to indicate affordability and fairness, while blue is used to convey dependability and trustworthiness.

 This article is part three of our new five-part series on branding. Stay tuned for a new post each day this week!

Each of DriveProfit's senior marketing experts has more than two decades of experience in limo marketing and limousine company branding. For more information about the role of colors and how to select the perfect color scheme for your company's brand, please contact DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at



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Posted on Apr 15 2015

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The Importance of Color Selection for Branding Your Limo Company (Branding part 3 of 5)



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