The Importance of Referrals in Limousine Marketing & Sales

Posted on Jun 2nd 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

With all the time you spend developing a great brand for your limousine company, maintaining the highest level of customer service and getting the word out about your business with marketing, it's important to keep in mind the importance of referrals. Without referrals from satisfied customers, your limousine company won't be able to expand as easily. What's more, you could see rivals in your service area start picking up more business out of the limited pool of customers.

Savvy owners and operators of limousine companies know that creating strong relationships with loyal customers is of paramount importance. This is especially clear when you consider how much noise there is in the marketplace that you need to cut through to bring in more business.

If you aren't making a concerted effort to improve the chances that your repeat customers will turn into brand ambassadors and refer new business your way, you are neglecting a crucial aspect of your marketing.

First, you should remember the difference between repeat business and referral business. Customers who come back over and over to arrange for ground transportation services constitute your repeat business.

You cannot count on them all being loyal customers, though. Some of them might simply stay with you out of inertia, since it's a pain to do research and find a new provider of services, noted a recent article at Rain Today. Referral business only comes from the happy customers who give you repeat business and then tell their colleagues about what you have to offer.

You will get referral business from customers who are willing to tell their peers that they required your assistance and who won't mind taking a moment to identify colleagues to refer to you.

It takes a while to build up loyalty with customers, so you cannot always expect that newer customers will bring you referrals. Every encounter they have with your company, from working with your sales team, interaction with dispatchers and customer service agents and the in-person contact with chauffeurs will either solidify their loyalty or chip away at it because of errors, rudeness or mistakes made by your staff.

This underscores the necessity of patience as you cultivate devoted customers while adhering to the quality levels you have previously established. Do your part by staying current with industry news and following best practices. The more expertise you demonstrate, the more comfortable corporate travel managers, trip buyers and others will be in arranging services through your limo company.

Ask customers what problems they are experiencing so you can help them develop solutions. They may have initially come to you for frequent trips to airports for their VIPs but will later wind up arranging for regular sedan service for daily commuters to save their employees time and gas, for example. Listen to your customers and they will help you identify new business opportunities.

The senior marketing professionals at DriveProfit each have more than two decades of experience developing limousine marketing campaigns that bring our customers concrete results. Because referrals are such an important aspect of your chauffeured transportation services business, you'll want to step up your game when it comes to turning loyal customers into brand ambassadors. For more information on improving your referral business or to begin a new marketing effort, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780 or email us at

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