The Value of Redesigning Your Website

Although people know it is important to have a well-designed website, most do not fully understand just how vital site design really is to success. For limousine companies, a website can be the difference between success and failure. After all, your website is what gives existing and potential customers a look into your company, so the message it sends is critical.

Interesting Facts

To show just how significant web design is, consider the following statistics:

  • Compared to lighter color schemes, dark-colored websites experience on average a 2% growth in traffic.
  • Bullet point lists are read by 70% of site visitors while content without bullet points is only read by 55%.
  • In determining a company's credibility, 48% of people cite website design as being the number one factor.

7 Key Factors

As part of limousine marketing, you need to give serious thought to the design and aesthetics of your website. Remember, you can have an amazing site, but if key elements of the design are missing, the number of visitors that convert into leads will be dramatically impacted.

Simply put, a great website redesign goes beyond how the site looks.

  1. Design and Logo — Especially if your website has not been updated in years, you may need some professional intervention. For example, a highly respected company like DriveProfit has the expertise to transform your current site, ensuring it consists of a modern design complete with your company logo. As an expert in limo marketing, DriveProfit can assist in many other areas as well.
  1. Color Scheme — One of the most important decisions for a website redesign has to do with color. In this case, you want a scheme that coordinates with and complements the type of service sold. As a limousine company, blues, greens, and even purples are highly effective.
  1. Graphics and Photography — Just as with the overall design and logo, there is a good chance your website needs updated graphics and photography. Remember, you want your site to stand out and make a statement without going overboard. Because people use different computers and devices, Internet speeds, and browsers, the way in which web pages load is unique to everyone. Having too many graphics and too much photography causes pages to load slowly for many people, which will hurt your user's experience; rather than wait, they will move on to the next similar site.
  1. Videos — Although videos work well for some limo companies, they may not be right for you. If you decide to use videos, make sure they are short, well-produced, and focused.
  1. Language — There are several things to consider when it comes to language on your site. As a great limousine marketing tool, language should always be professional and somewhat vague so visitors have answers while being prompted to ask for more information. The language should also reflect your type of business and the customers you target.
  1. Infographics — Consider using data to create infographics throughout the site. In addition to helping attract visitors, infographics increase the domain's authority score and work great for inbound links.
  1. White Space — A common misconception with website design is that every inch has to be covered with graphics, photography, links, or content. In reality, sometimes less really is more. Give visitors room to breathe when on your site by using bullet points, headlines, and block quotes. White space works great by focusing the eyes to specific areas.

DriveProfit's senior marketing team has more than three decades of marketing experience and specializes in developing marketing programs for operators in the chauffeured transportation industry. If your limo marketing efforts are not getting the results you’d like to see, our team is standing by to help you boost your ROI. For details, please contact the professionals at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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Posted on Jul 21 2015

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The Value of Redesigning Your Website



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