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Posted on Oct 21st 2013 under Limo Marketing Tips

We all know about "Word of Mouth" but now it's time to make it work as part of your marketing strategy.

Word of Mouth Marketing is giving a reason for people to talk about your company and your services as well as providing them with tools to ensure that conversations actually do take place.

This concept has never been more important than now — people sharing opinions online "socially" are the rule, rather than the exception today.

In order to ensure That people are not only talking about you, but saying great things, you must find the right people to talk about your company or services, create messages that will spread, provide them with the tools to share information, take part in the conversations and measure the results. Since word of mouth is such a powerful factor in today's buyers decisions, it is important to exploit it and make it work to your advantage.

The Word of Mouth Action Plan

1. Identify the Talkers

  • Make sure to find the people who like to talk and ensure that they know about your new topic of conversation.
  • Talkers are the individuals most likely to spread the word of mouth message, often referred to as "influencers". They are anyone who has enthusiasm to relay your message to the target audience.
  • Examples of talkers include: Bloggers who cover your topics, volunteers, and enthusiastic customers.

2. Create Topics

  • Create simple ideas and concepts for people to start talking about. These are the messages you want to spread.
  • Create simple ideas and concepts for people to start talking about. These are the messages you want to spread.
  • Keep it simple and make it easy for people to spread the word.
  • Keep in mind the topic doesn't need to be about your features but can be fun!

3. Provide Tools

  • You must provide infrastructure, techniques and technology in order for the message to spread. The tools you provide will help spread the message further.
  • The number of tools that are now at our fingertips is one of the reasons why word of mouth has become an increasingly important part of marketing, so take advantage of the space provided to spread the message.
  • Examples include: E-mails, blogs, sharing buttons on websites, landing pages, tell a friend forms, special online offers.

4. Take Part

  • Engage your audience by taking part. Join the conversation. Respond to their messages, accept comments online, and answer the phone.
  • You must open the door to word of mouth conversations. Although this allows for negative feedback, you will also earn the respect and loyalty to create long-term relationships.
  • Tell people you are sorry when things go wrong and say Thank You whenever possible; make them feel appreciated regardless of the positivity of the recommendation.

5. Track & Measure

  • Tools have been developed to understand how messages travel and how to follow what your prospects and customers are saying.
  • Because of the emergence of the social networks, blogs, etc., all the conversations are in writing and are measurable. These conversations allow you to see what people really think about your brand. We can then take an online conversation and project it into the offline world. This is the greatest feedback.
  • Use Word of Mouth Equity or Social Media Metrics to help track Word of Mouth Marketing.



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