Tips for a Facebook Video Marketing Effort for Your Limousine Business

With billions of videos being watched and shared via Facebook every day around the world, it makes sense for the owners and operators of limousine companies to use this important social media channel to promote their companies.

If you have limited experience with marketing videos, you may not be certain about where to start with your Facebook effort. You will want to start by clarifying your goals, noted a recent article at KISSmetrics. Brainstorm with your staff and take your time to develop objectives that you can both implement and measure. 

For example, the goal of your video on Facebook may be to inform customers about your new fleet of vehicles. Or, you want to announce a new service, where you provide luxurious transportation to the local wineries.

Don't waste your viewers' time. Try to keep your ad to less than 30 seconds. With so many things competing for your customers' attention, a short ad may be your best bet for getting their attention. Therefore, you might not be able to easily repurpose video content from an ad you showed on local television.

Focus on your core message, using dialog, subtitles and great imagery to convey what's special about your brand. Also, pay attention to the weather! You don't want to shoot footage of your fleet on a cold, gray, drizzly day when they will look much nicer in bright sunlight, for example.

You will also want to format your videos so they can be easily viewed on mobile devices. Keeping them short and compressed will let your viewers quickly download them to their smartphones. Small file sizes will also be appreciated because they won't task the processors of customers' smartphones. 

Always use a call to action in your video, such as to call to book a ride or to visit your website's sales page. You can do this with a URL on-screen as well as a clickable link at the end.

There's no point in running a Facebook video campaign for your limousine business if you don't track the results to see if you are meeting your stated goals and objectives. Pay attention to your online analytics to see how ads work with different types of customers. 

Experiment with different versions of the ad, such as trimming them even shorter, adding some humor, and so on. One simple edit may seem like a small thing, but it could mean the difference between a 25-percent conversion rate and a 40-percent conversion rate. 

Maybe you will get better results if you add some background music. Or, the music you are using is rubbing people the wrong way, so you need to find a different composer. Are fast cuts more appealing to your younger viewers looking to book a ride for prom but less interesting to your more conservative and older corporate travel managers? Keep checking your data and make adjustments and soon you will see that your Facebook video campaigns will start gaining more traction in the marketplace.

Each member of the senior marketing team at DriveProfit has more than two decades of experience in the chauffeured transportation services industry and we know the importance of fine-tuning video promotions to get the best marketing ROI. For more information on setting up Facebook video promotions or to begin a new limousine marketing campaign, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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Posted on Jun 03 2015

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Tips for a Facebook Video Marketing Effort for Your Limousine Business



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