Tips for develop and maintain Your Limousine Company's Reputation

Posted on Oct 22nd 2015 under Reputation Management

"Social" is becoming more ingrained in the buyer's journey and your limousine company's success in the future will depend to a greater degree on the quality of your reputation on the social channels/networks. Of course, as a savvy limo business owner, you know that you and your team have plenty to do on the ground to keep your reputation intact. Hiring only the best staff with the best possible training and safety records is crucial just as providing the highest level of customer service.

Despite your best efforts to develop and maintain your company's good reputation, you have to keep in mind that customers as well as pranksters and troublemakers may say things online that can damage your standing in the industry. With that in mind, here are some strategies for managing your limo company's reputation.

 Keep Your Ears Open

Listening to your customers is of paramount importance. You won't find out if there is an emerging problem with your company's reputation if you ignore customers. Whether you see an online complaint via social media or in a public forum, always proceed from the position that the customer is always right and that your goal is do whatever is needed (within reason) to make things right again. Your online comments should reflect this position if you want to keep your good reputation.

Blog to Engage

Your blog is not just to comment on amusing happenings at the office or to blatantly promote services. Use the blog to further engage with customers, such as by providing coverage and commentary on industry news that will be of interest to your customers.

Use Social Media on a Regular Basis

It's one thing to have set up social media accounts, such as on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. However, you must plan what you're going to post and keep track of customer reactions. Use social media channels to keep tabs on what people are saying about your business as well as to quickly reply to any complaints or praise. Your followers will notice if you fail to respond quickly or not at all.

Avoid Getting into an Argument Online

Obviously, you and your staff know not to get into arguments with customers. However, when unkind comments appear online, people sometimes lose perspective and become enraged as they make a response. Don't fall into that trap.

Remarks that you make in the heat of passion while arguing with someone are typically not recorded, but when you argue online, you have to assume that the words you wrote will be kept in storage somewhere, never to be completely erased.  This means people looking up information about your company may see traces of an old online argument that you forgot occurred last year, for example. Customers can also easily forward your comments to warn people not to patronize your limo business.

The more you pay attention to your company's reputation, the better your chance of keeping it clean, accurately representing the services you provide. A great reputation does wonders for your limousine marketing as well. If you lack the time and staff resources to cover all aspects of your reputation, hire a third party marketing team to help you pick up the slack. This lets you focus on delivering excellent customer service while the marketers see to it that the world knows of your efforts.

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