Tips for Getting More Email Addresses for Your Limo Marketing Campaigns

Posted on May 11th 2015 under Email Marketing

Are you making the most when it comes of your limo email marketing ? Business owners sometimes take email for granted because it's such a normal part of their everyday routine.

You want to gather as many email addresses as possible, though, both from your existing customers and from new promising leads that you hope to convert into new loyal riders. If your email list is still relatively small, there are steps you can take to build up your limo email marketing list, noted a recent article at KISSmetrics.

For example, you could focus on offering prospects an upgrade in content that you provide through your website. After you write the next blog post for your limo company, develop an alternate version that is longer and contains more information.

At the end of the post, let readers know that if they want more details, they can get access to an enhanced version of the post after they send you their email address. The reason that this is such an easy way to obtain more email addresses fairly quickly is that the customer has already demonstrated some level of interest in your service offerings because they clicked on the blog post.

You might as well capitalize on their attention by providing a more detailed version of the post. Readers will feel like they are getting exclusive access to information that can help them do their jobs better.

Another good technique is to include social media sharing options within your email. The reasoning here is that when customers read something interesting in your latest email blast, at least some of them will want to share it with their online friends. The click-through rate or CTR for emails that include social sharing is 6.2% as compared to 2.4% for emails that don't include social links, noted KISSmetrics, citing research from GetResponse.

Consider offering your customers a valuable incentive, such as a giveaway. You could offer people an upgrade in service, extra time in the limo or a discount, for example. Promote this giveaway on your company's website and in social media, noting that you will be choosing a winner at random by a certain date. It's important to put a deadline on it or your audience may put it off and then simply forget about it.

There is also room for incentives to get people to opt in to receiving email simply by adding some features to your website or blog. You can announce the incentive on your website's sidebar, in the top bar or in the footer of a blog post. The author bio is another place to include a request for email addresses. If the person read all the way to the end of the post, it's a clear sign that he or she is already interested in learning more from you.

It's also worthwhile to add pop-ups on your website, which you can add with a plug-in or a rudimentary pop-up script. The message can be something along the lines of, "Want more valuable information like this? Click here to subscribe to our mailing list." While pop-up ads can be annoying (when they have nothing to do with what the reader wants, such as random ads that take them to another site), they will capture people's attention.

At DriveProfit, each of our senior marketing professionals has more than 20 years of experience in limousine marketing. For more information on boosting your chauffeured transportation services firm's limo email marketing list or for any other assistance with your outreach efforts, please contact DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780 or email us at



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