Tips for Shooting Promotional Videos for Your Limousine Business with Your iPhone

Posted on May 25th 2015 under inbound marketing

Many business owners find their smartphone to be indispensable, enabling them to access documents, exchange email and go online when they're out and about. One of the great things about having an iPhone is that owners of limo companies can use the device to easily shoot promotional videos. They can use the same phone to then upload the videos to their website, blog or video sharing site like YouTube or Facebook.

If you have been putting off shooting videos to help with your limousine marketing efforts, you should know that using your iPhone is simple, even if you have little experience making videos.

Why Post Videos Online? 

Videos are a quick way for potential customers to get a good idea about your business and the type of ground transportation services you provide.

You can use videos to shoot your fleet of vehicles, or to highlight major destinations in your service area to help customers touring the region. Because people are curious about others, you can attract interest in your company when you post behind-the-scenes shots depicting members of your team in action.

Use Your iPhone to Shoot Videos

Begin by considering how you will frame your shots. What do you want to present? Take a moment to position the iPhone so that you'll get a nice view of a vehicle or a person's face.

It's important to hold your iPhone horizontally. You don't want to shoot vertical videos, because people will be viewing them with widescreen displays for the most part, noted a recent article at GrowingSocialBiz.

Mount your iPhone on a tripod as much as possible. This will eliminate shaky movement that can occur when shooting handheld clips.

Avoid using the iPhone's digital zoom. Instead, move your iPhone closer to the scene. Digital zoom does not give you the same high-resolution images you would get when you shooting in close proximity to your subject.

If you are shooting in a dark location, use lamps instead of the iPhone's light. Your viewers will appreciate the higher quality images you can achieve this way.

Where to Post Videos

Your limo company's website is a good starting point for posting videos, since people who are interested in learning about your business will welcome a chance to see clips about your service offerings. You can post videos in your limo company's blog posts as well.

Third-party video hosting websites are another option. If you don't already have a YouTube channel for your limousine company, you should set one up as soon as possible. Use your limousine company's branding colors and imagery when you set up your YouTube channel.

Post videos on YouTube and then cross-promote them with your blog and social media. Many companies find it useful to post videos via their Facebook page as well. If you already have a lot of followers on Facebook, try posting your videos there to begin, as you will get more exposure to the friends and colleagues of your online friends.

The senior marketing professionals at DriveProfit each have more than two decades helping clients with eye-catching limo marketing campaigns. We've seen how easy it is to set up online videos to help promote ground transportation services businesses. For more information on extending your brand through online videos or to get started with your next marketing effort, please call the experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or

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