To Build or Redesign? Not the Only Questions.

Posted on Jan 23rd 2019 under Marketing Strategy

Whether you need a website or you have on that needs work, answer these questions first.

Welcome to 2019! So, how is your company's website? If your answer is 'What website?' then you have some work to do. Alternatively, if your website hasn't been audited in over a year and you are uncertain of how it is performing in regards to your business goals, then there is still work to do. In either case, there are five questions you need to ask (and answer) before moving forward.

It is undeniable that any business looking not just to thrive but survive, a website is required. For new companies just starting up, once the business model is determined the website build should be the first major piece of the equation. For existing companies with websites, due diligence is required to ensure that the website is structurally sound (meaning that the search engines like it and are ranking it favorably) while also being visitor friendly.

In either case, there are certain basic questions that need to be asked and revisited on a regular basis to ensure that this most vital pieces of your marketing strategy are running like a well-oiled machine. Answer the following questions, and in the case of existing websites ask them on an annual basis, and you will have a foundation to start working on your website.

  • What do you want your website to do? — A simple enough question but one that can result in a lot of discussions. Are you looking to have a simple showcase for your business? Perhaps you want a website where potential customers can start the process of getting a quote, or maybe you want an option to start a purchase or reservation?
  • Who are you trying to reach? — Are you a B2B a B2C or both? Depending on your business and what your product/service offering, different messaging, different value propositions, and different calls-to-action may be needed.
  • Why will people want to visit your website more than once? — Unless your business is a one and done proposition, the goal is to have clients visit your website often for news and updates as well as be a referral point for those clients to provide to others. Website designers will often discuss this in terms of 'look & feel' but the answer to this question should also touch on why site visitors would want to return.
  • How will you judge the success of your website? — Almost everything you do to promote your business comes down to ROI. Ensuring that you can measure the ROI of your site is one step that is often overlooked in the initial design process, but in reality, it is one of the key questions to be answered before embarking on a website build or redesign.
  • Who will build your website? — Seems like a simple question but this can often be a big stumbling block for many. If you have someone internal who has design experience that can help but unless you can afford to have that person focus solely on the website build, it is often best to go with an agency whose sole focus will be building the website.

No one of these questions is any more important than the others. All will help you to conceptualize the groundwork for what will be the focal point for the great majority of your marketing efforts and 100% of all of your digital marketing. Additionally, the answers to these questions will be the seeds to many more questions on the road to building or redesigning your digital home and the foundation of your overall digital footprint.

Since 2001, Drive Profit has assisted the chauffeur-driven industry in not only establishing websites and overall marketing strategies but also in driving their marketing efforts with the goal of creating thriving digital business models. If you are looking to work with the best of the best, contact us now.

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