Top 10 Compelling Headlines

In this digital age of marketing, marketing staff around the world struggle to write great content to boost SEO results and engage an audience.  While the content might be fantastic, if it doesn’t have a great headline, no one will click on your great stuff.  Headlines must be catchy and make someone want to click it and read your great content.  Every one of those clicks helps build your reputation with Google and Facebook by having interesting and relative content.

When it comes to writing snappy headlines, here are 10 suggestions to help you improve your marketing efforts and success:


1. These Three Word Combinations Are Winners

  • “Will make you”       Example:  This method will make you rich
  • “This is why”            Example: This is why you should implement this program
  • “Only X out of X”     Example: Only 4 out of 5 people can solve this puzzle


2. These Three Word Combinations Draw on Emotion

  • "Make You Cry"
  • "Melt Your Heart"
  • "Give You Goosebumps"
  • "Can't Stop Laughing"


3. Good Headlines Cause Curiosity

Phrases like “this is why” and “the reason is” attract tons of engagement.


4. People Love Quizzes & Surveys

Things like, "We Can Guess Your age and location with this simple quiz".  People are intrigued by quizzes and surveys.


5. That Only

No one likes to be excluded.  You know the saying, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  So, headlines like, “Things That Only Limo Operators Understand” is a sure way to get limo operators and non-limo operators to read.  Limo operators want to know that they are "in the know" with their peers and non-limo operators will say, “I’m not a limo operator but I bet I understand this article”.


6. Don’t Use These Words – They are proven failures

  •  "Control of your"
  • "Your Own Business"
  • "Work For you"
  • "The Introduction Of"
  • "What's New In…."


7. Other three-word winners

  • “X things you”     Example: 10 Things You Can Do To Save Money
  • "This is what" Example: This Is What You Can Do To Increase Profits
  • "This is the" Example: This Is The New Way of Successful Training
  • "This is how" Example:  This Is How ABC Inc. Increased Profit


8. Two Word Headline Enders

  • “The world”     Example:  ABC Inc. Best Customer Service In The World
  • "X Years" Example:  Serving The Industry For Over 30 Years
  • "Goes Viral" Example: ABC Inc. Watched This Photo Go Viral
  • "To know" Example:  Laws Have Changed – Be The First To Know
  • "X Days" Example:  Limo Operators Can Apply For The Next 5 Days


9. The Most Popular First Word

The word “this” is the most popular first word used in headlines.


10. 10 Is the Magic Number

People love Top 10 Lists.  However, any list in containing multiples of five will work.  The Top 5 list, The Top 25 list etc.  The number 10 statistically gets the most clicks.

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Posted on Jan 11 2018

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Top 10 Compelling Headlines



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