Trust is the Beginning, Middle and End of Every Customer Relationship

Posted on Jun 12th 2015 under Customer Loyalty

Whenever a customer contacts your limousine company to book a ride, he or she is placing an enormous amount of trust in your business. The assumption is that each person you hire is trustworthy and diligent and that you emphasize safety and improving the overall customer experience. In particular, the track record of the mechanics that maintain your fleet of vehicles and the drivers who chauffeur your customers must be exemplary.

It's not a matter of simply landing lucrative corporate accounts and then maintaining great on-time records and a hassle-free experience for each of the VIPs you transport on a regular basis. Transparency in your operations is crucial. In the pre-Internet era, poorly performing limousine companies might have been able to get away with failing to deliver on their promises concerning customer service, safety, punctuality and reliability. 

Now, however, customers have more access than ever to information about the companies they do business with. If you abandon them by failing to meet the standards that you implicitly or explicitly promised in your marketing materials, not only do you run the risk of losing their business forever, you also face the wrath of online critics who can spread their messages to their friends and colleagues via social media channels.

In fact, trust is the beginning, middle and end of every customer relationship. You can count on potential customers doing their due diligence by checking out your reputation online, noted a recent article at Duct Tape Marketing.

Consider your reputation. When customers find your limo company to be trustworthy, some of them will make note of this online. Whether people are saying good things or bad things about your firm, you can assume their comments will appear online and will be easily accessible by potential customers. The more instances where happy customers showcase their trust in your company, the more trustworthy you will appear to others as they search for a local provider of chauffeured services.

It's also important to review the kind of company you keep online. Have you made good connections with individuals in your various social networks, such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook? 

While it's important to pay attention to what you are saying online as well as what people are saying about you via the Internet, you also must make sure to safeguard the data that you keep on each of your customers. How often they use your services, the locations you transport them to and other details along with their contact details constitutes sensitive information that you must protect. Remember that your customers are placing a great deal of trust in you when they allow you to maintain such records about them and their activities.

Documentation is also essential for maintaining good trust between your limousine company and customers. Let them know about the latest results from your safety inspections and tests, for example. If you have driven customers for 500,000 miles without a single accident, you can highlight the details in your traditional marketing materials as well as in your online promotions.

Trust and relationships are also how you beat Uber.

 At DriveProfit, each member of our senior marketing team has more than two decades of experience helping owners with their limousine marketing efforts. The importance of trust in the ground transportation services industry cannot be underestimated. For more details on developing a sense of trust with your customers or to get started on a new limo marketing campaign, please contact the professionals at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at

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