Use a Digital Loyalty Program to Hold Onto Customers

Posted on Sep 7th 2015 under Customer Loyalty

With all the time and effort that you put into limousine marketing to drive more customers your way, it would be quite a blow to your bottom line if you somehow failed to retain them.

While it's true that customers can come and go for a number of reasons, ranging from budgetary issues to simply moving out of your service area, you can always take steps to boost customer retention as part of your overall limousine marketing plan.  One of the best ways to boost engagement and retain more customers is to reward them with a digital loyalty program.

Benefits of Using a Loyalty Program

Chief among the benefits to you is that you are encouraging customers to give you more repeat business. Repeat customers typically spend more than new customers.

If you've been having trouble differentiating your company from the local competition, a loyalty program will make you more appealing to customers and can help you gain market share.

If you haven't signed up for a loyalty program in a while, you should know that many of them are now offered in a digital format, eliminating the need for membership cards. You store all the data from customers in a database so you can easily keep track of their purchasing patterns and gauge how effective your loyalty campaigns are.

This is why so many limousine company owners and operators go with the LoyalRiders loyalty program. Since 84% of customers say they would return to a company that offers an incentive program, why would you even think of not offering rewards to everyone you do business with? Consider the fact that customers enrolled in loyalty programs spend 13% more than those who enjoy no incentive plan.

Tips for Boosting Loyalty with Rewards

Make sure every one of your employees knows the details of the program and is ready to suggest enrollment when engaging with customers, such as when booking a ride or when calling to ask a question about service options.

Use your social media channels to post announcements about the loyalty program to encourage more people to sign up. When you send out email messages to your customers, include details about the program with a link to the signup page.

Do you offer customers a newsletter? Include a notice about the loyalty program and invite your readers to sign up. To boost signups, offer readers bonus points for signing up from the newsletter's call to action.

Think about the various customer loyalty programs you currently belong to. You have to admit that when they offer you inducements to continue doing business with them, it's hard to say no. The rewards you offer to your loyal riders will not only help keep them with your limousine business, but they will also encourage customers to recommend your limousine services to their friends and colleagues.

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