Use Google Alerts to Discover What People Are Saying About You Online

Posted on Oct 9th 2015 under Branding

What are people saying about your limousine company online? You can get an idea of what some people are saying simply by checking your social media channels, such as when a customer posts a picture of herself during a recent ride in the back of one of your vehicles or praises your customer service department.

However, staying on top of your social media will only show you a small portion of what customers are saying. They may also be making remarks in online forums and in comments on other people's blogs. Then there are journalists writing stories about ground transportation services, and if they have a local angle, your company may wind up being mentioned even if no reporter ever called or emailed you for a comment. That kind of coverage and discussion becomes part of your limousine marketing.

How are you going to find out what people are saying about your limousine company over the Internet? You don't want to miss out on any praise or criticism. 

Like many Internet users, you probably rely on Google to search for most of what you're looking for. You can use a special free feature of Google called Google Alerts to monitor the web for what people are saying about your company.

 Who is Talking About Your Limousine Business?

Go to the Google Alerts page. Type in keywords you want to keep track of, including the name of your company and the relevant geographic terms (city, county and maybe state). 

You might also want to set up a Google Alert for the term "limousine" and the name of your city without the name of your company. Google Alerts will go out to your designated email address according to the schedule you set up.

 Mentions of Key Personnel

Depending on the size and prominence of your company, you might want to include the names of key employees, including the boss or owner and any important partners or essential personnel. When their names show up in online comments, your Google Alerts will quickly let you know.

Check for Updates Every Day

You'll be getting your Google Alerts according to the schedule you established when you sign up. It's best to check your updates at least once a day. Don't let alerts pile up in your inbox all week, intending to catch up over the weekend. Otherwise, you might miss an important, time-sensitive issue that demands your immediate attention.

There should be nothing preventing you from setting up Google Alerts and then receiving updates on a regular basis. If you are too pressed for time to monitor all the details, though, you can let one of your trusted employees take care of it for you. It would be a good idea to let more than one employee have access to the Google Alerts, so at least one person will monitor online chatter when another is out sick or on vacation. Since Google Alerts never takes a vacation, you can rest assured that the search engine giant will continue to deliver useful information about your business 24/7.

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