Using Customer Feedback to Spur the Growth of Your Limousine Firm

Open communication is essential for most companies doing business with both companies and individuals. If you have found that your chauffeured transportation services company isn't growing at the pace you initially anticipated, the problem might have to do with feedback or a lack of customer praise and criticism. Customer feedback will show you what you're doing right and where you need to make a change.

It's true that limo marketing is an important driver of sales. You are constantly reaching out and extending your brand in the marketplace to keep your company top of mind. However, it's also quite important to build a formal system to handle customer feedback. 

What's more, you can count on the fact that customers will be providing feedback in some form or another even if you didn't request it, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones that can access the Internet, noted a recent post at Marketing Donut. Prior to the development of the Internet, unhappy customers had less of a platform to vent and complain. Now, even if you don't ask for comments online or in materials you send by mail, you should expect to see a measure of criticism and positive feedback on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. If you have enabled commenting in your company's blog, you may very well find useful customer feedback there too.

The feedback you receive may be inferior or invaluable. This is why so many limousine companies have arranged for a third party to check that each comment comes from an actual person who was a customer of your business. Otherwise, you might find yourself sifting through bogus complaints made by unstable people or rival firms that are seeking to damage your reputation. Fortunately, there are mechanisms to weed out unverified feedback, so you can rest assured that you are getting only the most useful and actionable data.

Feedback from your ground transportation service company's customers is invaluable. On Monday, you may hear that a staffer was rude or that a customer was late for an important meeting because of a mistake someone made on your end. On Wednesday, you could get word that a chauffeur went above and beyond the call of duty for a loyal passenger who had gotten into a bind. You will want to hear about both of these events as soon as possible, and then implement any changes the feedback data supports.

DriveProfit's limousine marketing professionals have first-hand experience seeing how a well-developed feedback plan can make the difference between failure and success in the ground transportation services industry. For more information on collecting, managing and analyzing the customer feedback you get, as well as verifying that it comes from actual customers, please contact the team at DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780 or at

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Posted on Mar 24 2015

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Using Customer Feedback to Spur the Growth of Your Limousine Firm



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