What Does a Landing Page Do For Your Limousine Business?

Posted on Sep 15th 2015 under inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is especially crucial when you are trying to drum up more B2B business for your limousine company. If you have limited experience with online promotions and inbound marketing, you may not be certain about the role of your company's website, in particular its landing page.

Your company's home page is not the landing page. It serves a far narrower purpose, but an important purpose all the same. Read on for details about what a landing page will do for your limousine business.

Offer Something Valuable to Site Visitors

The purpose of your landing page is to gather information from people. It requires a form for them to fill out with their contact data, along with options to indicate what they're interested in (learn more about your service, discuss price, etc.)

The landing page is a vital tool for your limousine marketing efforts. You should know that you don't have to stick to a single landing page.

In fact, you should consider developing different versions of the landing page and then promote them to different demographics to see how well one works compared to the other in converting site visitors. Consult with your marketing professionals to determine the best way to test variants of the landing page, using analytics.

* White Paper

When you have a lot of customers coming from companies around town, you will want to provide something that will cater to their most pressing business needs. A good way to demonstrate your interest in their success is to offer them a free white paper that has to do with their industry.

The white paper could cover details about the particulars of doing business in your city, for example, or how various transportation issues may affect their bottom line. Offer the white paper, but ask site visitors to first provide their contact information so you can send them the PDF file or let them download it directly.

* Newsletter Subscription

Another thing to offer is a subscription to your limo company's newsletter. Of course, you need their email address in order to send it to them. Visitors who accept this offer may be closer to making a decision about buying service from you.

* Coupons and Discounts

People love to get a bargain. Include an offer to let visitors download a coupon or receive an email from you with a discount code to apply to their first call for service.

Use the email addresses you collect from site visitors to continue offering them useful information and special offers. This will keep your company top of mind as they mull over their local chauffeured transportation service options.

Make sure to continue testing versions of the landing page with your marketing team until you start getting the numbers you are hoping for. The result should be an increase in the number of satisfied customers and a boost to your bottom line.


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