What Every Limousine Company Owner Should Know about Marketing Automation

Let's get this out of the way: Implementing marketing automation at your limousine company does not mean that you are about to hire some smooth talking robots to take over the work that is traditionally done by flesh and blood marketers. As a savvy limousine company owner, you may have heard that marketing automation can help you bring in more business, but you aren't quite sure what marketing automation actually involves.

While you by no means must become a marketing guru to ensure that your limousine company's brand extends its reach in the marketplace, it's a good idea to become more familiar with marketing automation so you can communicate with your marketing team more effectively.

In a nutshell, marketing automation consists of using special software tools to quickly and consistently take care of tasks that would take humans much more time to accomplish and do it more consistently.

Marketing automation helps you communicate with new leads as you guide them through your sales funnel. The software keeps track of all interactions people have with your company. It takes care of the repetitive tasks that your team would previously have had to do manually (such as sending out emails to different categories of customers and then following their responses to gauge where they are in the sales cycle), noted a guide at Quick Sprout.

Your limo marketing efforts will go more smoothly when you add marketing automation to the mix. Marketing automation harnesses multiple communications channels to give you a better return on your investment. It brings together data from email, social media posts and content marketing (such as articles about your company, blog posts and print and video ads). You use marketing automation for the sometimes lengthy process of bringing a new B2B lead from initial qualification into full fledged loyal rider.

You might think that marketing automation is a cold and mechanical process, but in actuality, it enables you to deliver much more customized messages to customers. You and your marketing company will develop a series of email messages, for example, with each one focusing on a different segment.

This lets you send links to download a coupon to all the leads who you connected with initially based on pricing, while at the same time sending out content about how safe and punctual your chauffeurs are to corporate transportation managers who are more concerned with discharging their duty of care obligations than in bargaining on costs.

The marketing automation software keeps track of all the results of your campaigns, so you can adjust your efforts according to different responses.

For email recipients who didn't click on the link to visit your company's sales page, for example, you might try sending them a link to an article about how people in their industry can save time doing a specific task (or some other item of interest to people in their profession).

Keep in mind that the software will also help you score the relative quality of leads so you can have your sales team focus its attention on only the most promising ones now, letting them know that other leads will require more time and hand-holding to get all the way down the sales funnel.

By now, it should be clear that modern limousine business owners need to adopt marketing automation software to stay on top of all the promising leads their marketing efforts deliver.

Eliminating the drudgery of manual, repetitive marketing activities frees up your sales team to focus more on each customer's wants and desires. The marketing software (which your marketing team can operate in your stead) will help you discover new patterns of customer behavior and inclinations as well as deliver more customized messages to them.

DriveProfit's senior marketing team has more than three decades of marketing experience and specializes in developing marketing programs for operators in the chauffeured transportation industry. If your limo marketing efforts are not getting the results you’d like to see, our team is standing by to help you boost your ROI. For details, please contact the professionals at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at info@driveprofit.com.

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Posted on Jul 07 2015

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What Every Limousine Company Owner Should Know about Marketing Automation



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