What Makes a Great “About Us” Page?

The "About Us" page is one of the most visited pages on any website, making it extremely important. This page is about you and the limousine company you own or operate.

Commonly Made Mistakes

Although a lot of mistakes are made on the "About Us" page, they can be fixed. Doing so will optimize your limousine marketing.

  • Purpose of Business — A common mistake is that the purpose of the business is not properly explained. When visitors come to your limo website, they want to know about your business so they can determine if you offer a solution for their problem. While existing customers already know who you are and what you deliver, visitors do not. Therefore, for the people who found your company online through a search, from word of mouth, or by happenstance, make sure the "About Us" page is convincing.
  • Long and Hard to Read — Even if you have a lot to say, remember that people want quick answers. Therefore, if the "About US" page reads like a long, complicated novel, you instantly lose a potential customer. Instead, break the page up using subheadings, bullet points, and short sentences.
  • Call to Action — Unfortunately, a call to action is seldom added to the "About Us" page, which means missing a huge opportunity. You want to encourage visitors to take a certain action, whether it is to connect with you on social media, sign up for your email list, hire your services, or something else.
  • Missed Opportunity — Different opportunities are overlooked on the "About Us" page, such as adding a video or using images that give the limo brand more character and personality. Use different forms of media to bring your limousine brand to life.

Important Considerations

Visitors who come to your website have very specific questions. Therefore, your site needs to provide answers. Some questions often asked are listed below, along with direct limo marketing strategies for dealing with them.

  • What is the website about? — You can add a short section that concisely describes what your company does.
  • What are the benefits? — Remember, each visitor wants to know how your limo services are beneficial, so convey the right message. This might include offering a wide range of fleet options, being competitively priced, providing both short- and long-distance services, and more.
  • Who are you? — At this point on the "About Us" page, you can provide details about you, such as the number of years in the business, how you got started, why you are so passionate about the limo industry, and so on.
  • Why should you be trusted? — Be bold in providing information to visitors about why you can be trusted. Share information as to your experience, the number and caliber of customers you currently work with, how fast the business has grown, and other actual examples of why you and your company are trustworthy.
  • What should be done next? — This is where you create the call to action. Instead of bombarding visitors with multiple choices, provide them with a single action. Be very precise in what you want visitors to do, whether this entails leaving an email address, calling the company, or clicking through to another page or site to book a service.

Special Tips

Start your "About Us" page telling about the limousine company as opposed to the owner or operator. Then make a human connection by adding your name, followed by sharing details about your experience, goals, and ideas. When closing, make sure there is a clear call to action.

If you need professional assistance in transforming or creating a new "About Us” page, you can count on the professionals at Driveprofit. With a true understanding of both the limousine industry and limo marketing, they offer many outstanding tools and services to help you connect with current and prospective customers.  Contact us today at 203.426.7780 or info@driveprofit.com to find out how to energize your marketing.

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Posted on Jul 30 2015

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What Makes a Great “About Us” Page?



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