What Makes Limousine Marketing Different?

While it might seem as if all marketing should be the same, there are distinct differences for the limousine industry. For example, when it comes to limousine marketing, strategies must be  service, rather than product, oriented.

Of course, some of the inbound marketing principles are the same across the board but for limo marketing, certain characteristics are more acutely defined because a professional service is being offered. These characteristics are what differentiate the approach that businesses within the industry take when creating highly successful marketing campaigns.

When marketing a limousine company, there is often more patience and endurance required, since even the best strategy can take time. While a limo company will face a number of challenges, six in particular stand out.

Most Notable Challenges

  • Nothing Tangible — Because a limo company offers services, no tangible products exist. Therefore, the real value of your service cannot be determined until the customer has experienced it. With limo services, customers are literally buying into your trust and professionalism. Because of this, limousine marketing has to market the service as well as the knowledge, skills, and people behind the service.
  • Transactions as Opposed to Relationships — When people purchase a product, they complete a transaction, but with a limousine service, a relationship has to be built. Unlike buying a pair of shoes that can physically be tried on, customers determine the right brand of service based on personal interactions.
  • Long Buying Cycle — Another challenge is that the cycle for buying a service is much longer compared to that of a typical business-to-consumer type of company. The primary reason is a higher perceived risk. When trying to market an intangible service, the cycle lengthens even more. To see a significant difference, create very specific marketing components for each stage of sales. Even if you start with a small win, you have the opportunity to keep up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Customer Education — Knowing your customers and how their businesses operate is critical for selling your limo service. You have to prove that you are the solution for a customer's problem. This can be accomplished by educating your visitors and current customers with channels that are easily accessible as well as providing them with helpful information to commonly asked questions. Two excellent places to start are blogs and your company's website.
  • Rights to Brag — Nothing is wrong with bragging about the incredible service you offer and why your company is better than the competition. To prospective customers, this type of bragging comes across more as confidence. Tell visitors to your site how your limo company has resolved similar issues and how it has been positioned within the market compared to competitors.
  • Continuing Process — Limo marketing is continuous. Whenever you communicate with an existing or potential customer, you have to support the value offered. This especially important after making an initial sale. According to experts, a customer is four times more likely to leave a brand if the problem is service-related, so you always have to deliver on promises made.

The Bottom Line

Because marketing professional services is so different from tangible products, sometimes professional assistance is required. Along with tips and information, Driveprofit has a wide range of unique services and tools specifically designed for marketing and limo companies and others within the limousine industry.  Contact us today for a free consultation at 203.426.7780 or info@driveprofit.com.

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Posted on Jul 29 2015

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What Makes Limousine Marketing Different?



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