What to Check When Redesigning Your Limo Company's Website

Posted on Jul 15th 2015 under Websites

How long has it been since you updated your limousine company's website? If it's been a while now, it's time to arrange for a makeover. When redesigning your website, there are a number of things for you and your designer to check before you can make a modern, updated version that will attract more customers as well as interest from the press.
Logo and Design

Check your company's logo and make sure that it and the general design of your website appears modern. If your website is several years old, it may be based on older graphics and design principles, noted a recent article at Precision Marketing Group. A fresh look for the site will make it more inviting to your customers and will demonstrate that you are not a clueless company that's stuck in the past.
Should You Update the Photos or Graphics?

Are the vehicles in your fleet old and out of production? Make sure that the images of your vehicles are current. Otherwise, visitors will see that you haven't updated the site in a while and could think that you are offering them rides in vehicles that are past their prime.

Avoid stock images whenever possible. The graphics and photos should reflect a modern design approach, making your page more inviting to visitors who click on your link from search engine results or social media posts.

How is the Color Scheme Meeting Your Objectives?

What color scheme did you select when first building your website? Do the colors line up with the kind of tone you want to project? If your company targets B2B customers for the most part, your color scheme should evoke a feeling of trust, dependability and safety, for example. If you are aiming for tourists or young people looking for limo rides, more exciting and festive colors may be called for.

Is the Site Mobile-Friendly?

You should know that search engines are placing higher premium on websites that load quickly and easily and are easy to read even when viewed on the tiny screen of a mobile device.

Since so many of your customers will be on the go, it's crucial to make sure your website is built according to the principles of responsive design. Pages will resize to fit right on anything from a smartphone, tablet or the large display on a desktop computer. Remember that if people cannot easily see your limo marketing content on their portable devices, they might just jump to the website of one of your competitors.

A well designed website can serve as the heart of your limo marketing efforts. It would be a shame to let this important marketing tool fall into disrepair or remain old-fashioned in appearance and clunky in design and navigation. Make sure that you enlist the aid of a talented marketing team and professional website designer to give your website the redesign it deserves. That's how you will get the best ROI on your marketing.

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