What You Need to Know About Hashtags in Your Limo Marketing

Posted on Jan 1st 2016 under Limo Marketing Tips

There’s a right way and a wrong way to use hashtags. The vast majority of people out there use them to make a point, attract attention to a post or image, or to add emphasis to an idea. Click most of them and chances are you’re not going to see much of a conversation or related conversations (you know, the actual point of a hashtag). Sadly, most marketers also misuse them and don’t get the mileage out of them that they could be. To avoid being one of those, you need to know a few things about hashtags and how they work.


What Is a Hashtag?


Hopefully, if you don’t know the term, you will at least recognize a hashtag #whenyouseeone.


Did you spot it? Of course you did! Now here’s what’s wrong with it: It doesn’t really mean anything unless lots of people use it. Hashtags started out as a way of grouping conversations on Twitter. The hashtag was the thing that kept the conversation cohesive and manageable. Over time, the concept of the hashtag has spread to other social media networks and has evolved into a sort of keyword system that can, when used properly, direct plenty of traffic to your social media posts as well as your website.


Hashtag Dos


There are several things that you can do to leverage the power of hashtags for your limo business. First, your hashtags have to have a definitive meaning. They cannot be vague. They should not be puns or inside jokes. They need to be easy to remember and simple enough to be typed from memory. Weird spellings are not a great idea. #helpyourself is less likely to be mistyped than #hlpurslf, for example.


You should also make sure that your hashtag caters to the network it’s being used on. How do you do that, though? Let’s look at a few popular networks and see how they differ.


Instagram-hashtags tend to focus on descriptions of the image, locations, people, etc.


Twitter-hashtags are more centered on the conversation, here. After all, this is where they began and this was their original purpose.


Facebook-hashtags are more self-referential but also tend to focus on the subject of the post more than, say, the details of a picture or an emotion.


Hashtag Don’ts


For starters, don’t think in terms of your brand. Yes, we know that kind of flies in the face of a lot of things we say, but in this instance, simple is better. Unbranded hashtags are far more likely to be shared than those that mention your company name or brand. Also, do not flood your posts with hashtags. One is usually enough. Two is more than enough. Three or more is generally considered overkill, and they’re likely to all be ignored.


So those are the basics. We also recommend consulting with one of the emerging hashtag search engines to try to map out current trends around tags that are similar to yours.


The DriveProfit Advantage


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