Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Who's Answering Your Phone and How?

Posted on Jul 21st 2016 under Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever called a business and felt like you were completely ruining someone's day by making them answer the phone? You know, the kind of attitude that jumps through the phone that you are a complete interruption of whatever it was they were doing before the phone rang.

How often do you call in to your own business and see how the phone is answered?

I recently called a limo service to book service and when the phone was answered, what I heard was, "Limo Service". Really? That's it? Not even the name of the company? I asked, "Is this the owner"? He replied, "YEAH."

I asked about rates and availability. The owner said, "Hold please". I waited on hold for about five minutes until another guy answered and asked, "What do you need?" While that phrase might be borderline acceptable, it was the tone in which he delivered the line that clearly indicated I was a bother to him. I ended up just hanging up the phone and calling someone else as I assumed their drivers would have this same hateful attitude towards customers.

Now, might be the time to check your own people. The best way to accomplish this is to have various friends call in for rate quotes from their cell phones in speaker mode so you can hear how your staff treats callers. You might find that your sales are down because of the way potential clients are treated when they call in.

Remember, when your employees answer your phone, it is a direct reflection of you and your business.


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