Why a LinkedIn Company Page Should be Part of Your Limousine Marketing Program

Posted on Jun 4th 2015 under Limo Marketing Tips

Oftentimes, people will have a Linkedin page that they set up when they first went into business, realizing that they needed to network online and build up connections with colleagues, potential business partners and customers. 

However, when you go from being an individual first starting out in the industry to becoming the owner of a thriving limousine company, you may not give much thought to Linkedin anymore or how it can help you with your business. That can be a mistake.

Linkedin, which bills itself as the biggest network in the world, has more than 300 million members. Savvy business owners are advised not to neglect using this important resource. If your limousine company does not yet have a Linkedin company page, you should remedy this problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, you are losing valuable market share to your local rivals who know about the utility of social media.

Consider the fact that as much as 68 percent of Linkedin's membership has expressed interest in getting news items and insight from companies via Linkedin. They are on the site to make new business connections, so it stands to reason that if you provide them with useful information, your company will remain top of mind when these firms need ground transportation services.

You should know that companies that post 20 times per month on Linkedin gain access to 60 percent or more of their audience, noted a recent article at Web Marketing Therapy. Such access is difficult to come by. Indeed, Linked is 277 percent more effective for generating leads than Twitter or Facebook, so if you are making an effort to drum up new B2B customer business, Linkedin is the place to be. 

In fact, Web Marketing Therapy determined that members of Linkedin are 50 percent more inclined to order service from companies who engage with them on the platform. 

Linkedin is free to join and gives you the benefits of social media marketing with a group of professional individuals who are striving to improve their business processes. It helps you extend your brand in the marketplace, putting you in front of the companies who need your services in their location. You might find it difficult to land these customers using other traditional limousine marketing campaigns, so without Linkedin, who knows how many useful connections you are giving up?

Since posting useful information on your company's Linkedin page can help these people make a case for using your firm to obtain limousine transportation service, it would be silly to ignore this avenue.

Your Linkedin company page does not connect to the page you set up for yourself. Use your Linkedin company page to boost your followers, target the industries you want to deliver service to and encourage word of mouth.

The senior marketing professionals at DriveProfit Limo each have more than two decades of experience helping companies with all their limousine marketing needs. We have seen how limo firm owners who set up Linkedin company pages will have access to many new potential business leads, making this a platform that should not be ignored or taken lightly. For more information on how you can use Linkedin to help promote your limo business or to get started with a new limousine marketing  campaign, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today.

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