Why Blogging for Your Business Ranks

So what does that mean for you and your business? That means that if you don't have a blog with current content and social share widgets (or buttons), which is picked up by search engines and ranked higher than websites that are without fresh content, you may have well have paid for an ad in the phone book which no one reads anymore.

Recent changes to Google’s Algorhythms, or how it determines website rankings, have made it critical to diversify your SEO. No longer will PPC rule the rankings. Google insists on blogging content, social media content, as well as some other important rules around keywords and opimization.

Don't have a blog yet? It's very easy to add a blog either to an existing website (if you have one already) and even make the blog look and feel like your existing branding. If you don't have a website, you can make your blog look and function like a website, with static (or fixed) content as well as fresh content such as blog posts. You can add all the social share features (or plugins as they're called) to make it easy for your customers to share (and promote!) your business and blog.

Adding a newsletter sign up is another way to capture your interested customers' email addresses and names to reach them in yet another venue: email newsletters. Be sure to have a sign up box on each page of your blog, website and even Facebook Fan Page.

So how often should you post new content? I always recommend to my clients 1-3 posts per week, one of which being a video (search engines rank you higher if you have video content). Now if you're not a writer, this can be intimidating. Never fear, you can always hire out writing by assigning topics that are interesting to you and your customers—original content that becomes yours if you hire someone to write it for you. We do this for many of our clients, who each month give us a list of topics to write about. Our team of writers write the articles and send to them for approval—once approved by the clients, the articles are posted on their blog. A very simple—and very smart—way to outsource.

If you haven't started your blogging journey yet for your business and need help setting it up, feel free to email us. Not only do we have extensive experience with setting up blogs for businesses, but we also can help you manage it with our writing services.

Don't be stuck with the 61% of businesses who are still wasting money on traditional, non-effective ways to reach customers—think like your customers and you'll find more of them, their way!

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Posted on Aug 10 2012

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Why Blogging for Your Business Ranks



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