Why Content Marketing Didn't Work for You

Posted on Jan 7th 2016 under inbound marketing

So you decided at some point to try your hand at blogging and it didn't turn out the way you'd hoped. You probably decided at that point that it wasn't worth the time or effort, and just shut the whole thing down.


Now we don't want to step on anyone's toes, but we do think this needs to be said: it wasn't the style of marketing that didn't work; it was the marketer.


All right now, before you get mad let us also say that even though content marketing can work for any industry (and it can), there are usually specific reasons why when it doesn't. Here are a few common ones that you can use to spot what went wrong.


#1-The content just wasn't all that engaging.


It is vital to your content marketing strategy that every facet of your content be interesting and engaging. Let's start by talking about your copy. Who's writing it? You? All right then, next question: Are you a writer? If not, you might want to consider what working with a professional copywriter can do for you. Find one who can demonstrate the ability to write engaging copy in a variety of niches, from headlines to details to solid calls to action. One who can do that will be able to easily align his or her skills with your industry.


We've talked a lot about visuals on this blog, so we'll keep this simple: make them good, make them unique, and place them well in your blog articles.


#2-The audience never felt immersed in the content.


This goes back to engagement to an extent, but has to do more with the focus of your content than with the subject matter. If you want to make people feel like they're part of the conversation, they need to be allowed into it. Seeding your copy with thought-provoking, open-ended questions that cater to people's likes, dislikes, and opinions really pulls them in.


#3-You didn't target the right people in your advertising, or you were using the wrong ad platform.


Not all CPC services are created equal. Before you decide to start sending traffic to your blog, research the services that are out there and see what their most popular kinds of content are. Ads for a limo blog won't fare well amidst a sea of posts centered on celebrity gossip, dating, or comic books.


You need to find the right platform and speak to the right people through that platform. This is why we recommend Facebook so highly. Learning how to market with Facebook can have a huge impact on your content marketing strategy. Why? Because it's the biggest melting pot on the Internet and they make it easy to zero in on your demographic with pinpoint accuracy.


Now that you have a grasp on the common reasons why content marketing can fail, we hope you're give it another go, knowing that you don't need to make the same mistakes twice. When it works, it's an extremely powerful marketing platform.


The DriveProfit Advantage


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