Why Effective Quoting Is a Competitive Advantage in the Limo Service Industry

Posted on Apr 9th 2019 under Limo Marketing Tips

Our clients often ask us: “How important is having a quoting process for my business?” The answer is always the same – an organized process for quoting prospects is absolutely essential. This, and other similar questions, often come up when companies are looking for innovative ways to boost revenue.

For many CSRs in the limo service industry, quoting can be a source of frustration, conflict and hassle. Why? Because the quoting process is often complex and based on many variables, and, if you have an optimized website, the volume of requests can be daunting.

As leaders in the limousine service marketing industry for more than 20 years, we have witnessed how an accurate, clean quote that is delivered on time is the best tool to convert an opportunity into a closed deal.

Are you still using Excel, Word or Google Sheets for your quotes? Expectations are high, and companies are constantly looking for new ways to provide quotes that will exceed their customers’ expectations. So, how do can you do this more effectively?

In this article, we’ll show you how you can improve your ability to quote AND CONVERT. Instead of a haphazard, when-you-have-time burden, effective processing and professional presentation of your services can provide an enormous competitive advantage in the limo service industry.


The quote you send to a user who has taken the time to visit your website should be treated as much more than a “cold” lead. It is a request for very specific information on your services and they have already made the decision that they want to buy. We are assuming that your website is well-designed, informative and professional, so you have already made a great first impression. Your response to a quote will confirm this first impression: you are a respectable, resourceful company that is the best choice for the prospect. When a potential client asks for a quote and you deliver all the information they need professionally and on time, you increase the chances of closing the deal. Sending a fast and relevant quote tells the prospect that you care about your customers and that you value their time. If you can’t send a quote within a few minutes during business hours, then you are running the risk of losing that client. In the eyes of the customer, your ability to handle the entire pricing process is crucial. Would you be interested in a company that can’t manage the quoting process effectively? What is the message you are sending about how important they are to you and your ability to provide the quality service that they are looking for?


You know what we’re saying – the early bird catches the worm. When we’re talking about sending quotes to your potential clients, you want to be the first and best. The competition is fierce in the industry; your leads aren’t requesting information and quotes just from you. The first company to respond has the best chance to close the sale. We know that many of your competitors may be slow to respond to potential customers. It is therefore important that you provide your CSRs and salespeople with the tools to respond more quickly and professionally to a request for information or quote without increasing their stress or volume of work. If you are the first to respond and respond with more than just a price, you have set the bar for your competitors.

One sure way to do this is by using our automated Quote Processing & Sales Conversion program that was developed by our industry specialists and designed specifically for limousine service businesses. The system is an integrated tool which allows customers to easily and quickly request quotes from your company and helps your team to respond to their requests rapidly and professionally using predefined templates.


Providing accurate, consistent and timely quotes can sometimes make the difference between a closed sale and a lost client. Delivering the quote is your first commitment to your customers and sets their expectations. It also impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to long-term relationships and, of course, enhanced sales growth.

With DriveProfit’s quoting system, creating and sending professional and detailed quotes is easy and efficient. With this innovative tool, you can simplify the entire selling process.

Why choose DriveProfit’s technology as your primary quoting tool?

Complex transportation solutions are driven by different priorities. To meet a wide variety of needs, the services offered must be flexible and align with the customer’s specific requirements; this means the quoting software must do a lot more than simply pull up a single line price. The perfect quoting software for complex solutions must be involved in the process of addressing the customer’s needs.

With DriveProfit’s system you’ll make every inquiry count with strong follow-up and customer-ready messages. You’ll get a fast and efficient way for clients to receive a quote every time. More importantly, it provides the technology to automatically follow-up once the quote has been opened and notifies your staff what action the prospect has taken. Whether a call or email follow-up, you are able to reinforce your professionalism and the quality of your services as soon as the prospect’s behavior indicates increasing interest.

The quoting system improves sales productivity by automating both the initial quote and providing the necessary follow-up to convert the prospect into a customer. Your CSRs or sales specialists will spend less time on the telephone, giving them the time to create proposals that SELL. No matter how your client finds you – website, social media, email, or telephone - your staff is able to immediately deliver all of the information your client needs (including the necessary “fine print” to ensure there are no misunderstandings or he said/she said confusion). You will boost your team’s productivity and empower your sales representatives to create, send, track and sign quotes that are impossible to ignore. With a reliable quoting system, you help both your team members and your clients, and enhance the frequency and the quality of your follow-ups, which will nurture the lead so that you actually convert the sale.

With DriveProfit, you work smarter, not harder.

Every industry has its own unique processes and needs. The DriveProfit quoting system is an industry-optimized system designed to meet the needs of limo service businesses to send high-quality quotes with simplicity, speed and low costs.

What you can expect from the DriveProfit Quoting System:

• You will save time and improve staff productivity.

• Create personalized, professional quotes in less time, with just a few clicks.

• Reduce errors in the quoting process and ensure that price is only one consideration.

• Shorten the conversion timeline and begin building a relationship with the prospect.

From planning and development to effective support, our team of specialists at DriveProfit have the experience, sales acumen and technology you need to increase new business acquisitions by giving you all the necessary tools to turn your leads into reservations. You can be sure your clients will be so impressed they’ll have no choice but to say yes.

Improve your quoting process!

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