Why MORE Marketing isn't the Solution

Posted on Jun 24th 2015 under Marketing Strategy

Have you been noticing that your limousine marketing efforts don't seem to be delivering the results you've been expecting? While there can always be slumps in business that are caused by things outside of your control, such as a downturn in the economy or changes in the types of companies doing business in your service area or niche, you have determined that the problem has to do with your limousine marketing.

Your first impulse might be to step up your limousine marketing campaign, reasoning that more marketing will solve the problem.

However, simply boosting your marketing is an ineffective reaction, noted a recent article at Duct Tape Marketing. Instead of adding more marketing tactics to your arsenal, it's best to do less limo marketing overall but do it more effectively. This involves making sure that your business interests are more aligned with your marketing and branding efforts.

Determine What Truly Drives Results for Your Limo Company

It's possible that you have been spreading yourself too thin with your branding and marketing efforts. At your disposal are a variety of methods and channels to get the word out about your limousine services.

As a savvy business professional, you undoubtedly are using multiple social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to reach potential and current customers. At the same time, you may also be sending out email blasts, writing blog posts, developing newsletter articles, promoting your limo company's customer loyalty rewards program, wracking your brains to do search engine optimization for your website, and so on.

Is it reasonable to expect that a limousine company owner or manager can accomplish all of those different marketing tactics with equal skill and accomplishment while also devoting sufficient time and resources to the nuts and bolts of the business? In most cases, the answer will be a resounding "No!"

Try this approach: Sit down with your team and create a list of all the marketing tactics you've been using. Examine each technique and see if it is really delivering the results you expect.

A high number of Twitter followers can be a great boost to your ego and can make you feel like you've really started to forge some bonds with customers. However, if your sales team is having bad luck converting these numerous Twitter followers into actual customers, your Twitter followers won't seem as valuable. You might need to reduce the time you spend with Twitter and focus on other social media channels. For example, if you are trying to woo more high-level corporate accounts, it's a good idea to devote more attention to posting on Linkedin on a regular basis.

Figure Out Your Strong Suit

What are you best at when it comes to marketing and promoting your limo business? You might not be very good at writing blog posts (such as commentary and coverage of interesting transportation-related news) or newsletter articles, but you are excellent at schmoozing with people at trade shows and other industry events.

If you dislike working with a publishing schedule for all your blog posts and social media updates, acknowledge it and have someone on your staff take care of this. You could also outsource the daily grind of social media work to a marketing team, freeing you up to spend more time on the marketing tactics most suited to your skills set and personality.

Cut the Noise: Adopt a Simpler and More Streamlined Marketing Approach

As you can see, just adding more marketing tactics to the mix won't get you the results you want. Now it's time to cut the noise and streamline your marketing efforts so you are only allocating energy, time and attention to the techniques that bring you the most success.

If you are converting more leads to sales with your newsletter, focus on that. Does your sales team get more inquiries from blog posts than it does from people clicking on your website's sales page? This could mean that you should fix your sales page with search engine optimization and then create a stellar publishing schedule for the company blog. Keep tracking your results and you will soon find out where your best marketing opportunities will be.
The senior marketing professionals at DriveProfit each have more than two decades of experience in the ground transportation services industry. We know how tempting it can be for limo company owners to try everything in the marketing book when they aren't getting the intended results. For more information on changing your approach to marketing your limousine business or to get started with a new campaign, please contact the experts at DriveProfit today at 203-426-7780 or email us at info@driveprofit.com.

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