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Your website is flawless, your services are up and running, but your calendar isn't filling up as you'd hoped. Maybe you don't have an online quoting system available, and your prospects simply don't want to waste time getting a quote or making a reservation over the phone.

In this article, we'll show you why you should make it easy for clients to book with you online using a smart quote system.

If you are putting time and effort into letting your clients know how you can help them, consider a quote as your first chance to make a good impression on your potential customer. We know that for many businesses in the limousine service industry quoting can be a painful process, but to make it easy for clients to book your services you should master the art of sending personalized quotes.

A quote delivered on time can be the best tool for turning a lead into a booking.

In the fascinating transportation industry, things can change and fall apart in a second. Over the years, technology has remarkably transformed the industry. Nowadays, most travelers prefer to reserve transportation online rather than waste valuable time requesting quotes or booking over the phone.

These days, customers demand more choices and require your services to be tailored to their specific needs. Considering the high competition, as a limousine service company you should be coming up with creative and interesting ways to improve your clients' experience and save their time. By making it easy for clients to reserve with you online, you will not only get a better reputation in the industry, but you will also increase your sales.

Let's see why you should make it easy for clients to reserve your services online, and how relevant a quote is to the entire process.

Provide an Excellent Experience

As a limousine service provider, you must know that your customers are looking for more than transportation — they are looking for an exceptional overall experience from the very first moment they engage with your business.

Research has shown that customer experience now outweighs price and service as the top deciding factor when choosing to make a booking. Along with the comfort associated with riding in a luxury vehicle, customers are looking for flexibility, especially when it comes to making a reservation.

Having a reliable quoting system will help you impress your clients by offering them a fast and accurate solution to their travel needs without making them waste valuable time. Research has shown that many people nowadays do not like talking on the phone and would rather interact with online services. For you this means more time to deliver attractive pricing and packages, winning new clients and increasing your sales.

Save Your Clients' Most Valuable Resource — Time

We live in an incredibly busy world, and if you can save your valued prospects some time and effort, the chance to transform them into clients is far higher.

Don't forget — your customers are not willing to wait! Offering your prospects the option to request a quote online during a coffee break, using their PC or mobile device, will save them plenty of time. More than that, requesting a quote online allows clients to handpick their preferred services, the exact date and time, vehicle, and pick-up and drop-off locations, improving and streamlining their entire booking experience. Your specialists will receive an email notifying them of the new quote request and they will respond quickly and professionally, using predefined templates. You will cut out several phone calls and can be sure that your customers will value the fast, low-pressure, personalized experience.

By helping your staff get quotes more easily, you are able to respond faster to a request, and this gives you the chance to gain more business opportunities.

Listen to Your Clients and Give Them What They Need

Making it easy for clients to reserve with you means you can react quickly to their needs. Your clients will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts to provide them with the services and the information they need in a timely manner.

From the first quote request, you will have an idea of what your client is looking for, so you can react and give them exactly what they want — this is a big opportunity to put the client at ease and make the entire booking process easier and more pleasant. A quote helps potential clients make their buying decision more easily — they are able to select their preferred time, date, service, and number of passengers with just a few clicks.

To make things simpler for you and your clients, DriveProfit has developed REACT — an online, semi-automated quoting system specially designed for limousine service companies. With REACT you can send totally customizable quotes quickly and transform prospects into customers with a few clicks from one location.


REACT is an integrated tool which sits on your website and allows clients to quickly and easily request quotes from your limousine service company right from your website.

REACT is a semi-automated system which alerts your staff anytime a prospective client requests a quote on your website. The quote request form is placed on your website and is customized to match your business' visual identity.

Once a quote request is sent, your team is alerted with an email and can log into the system to claim and complete the request. This way, your staff can pull pricing directly from your reservation software, thus cutting the quoting time significantly. Your specialists can also schedule automated follow up emails, see why quotes were declined, or book an accepted quote.

The system was specifically designed to meet the needs of limousine service companies.

With REACT, you can increase your sales team's productivity, impress your customers, and increase sales.

Here is how REACT can help your business:

  • You get an efficient and fast way for clients to get a quote without waiting on the phone.
  • You improve your team's efficiency.
  • You can use customizable templates to present your business professionally to new or existing clients, accelerating training for new hires and consistently delivering on your brand message.
  • You can measure valuable business metrics — staff performance, quote received by vehicle types, conversion rates, response times, type of trips.

REACT helps both your clients and your team members, and allows you to easily stay on top of communication with both new and existing customers.

Check out this case study to see how one of DriveProfit's clients managed to process 15,000 quotes through our online quoting system and improved customer retention and satisfaction.

Contact DriveProfit to learn more about how our REACT online quoting system can help your business too.

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